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Zaftig Brave

Brave raves me with its qualities to raise my confidence of waves to wash away fears. Tiny heart inside beats faster to check speed of CARdio pulse rate during my braveness. 
Valorous living examples around us:

Elephant never cries for being size zeroRose never fear of thorns.White never fear for black moneyPen never fears for shedding its blueScars never fear of painLove never fears of hateCourageous is fermented with truth,trust,confidence,anger above all experience. Zone of facing problems becomes more simple with vast boldness. It shapes a person to zaftig. 

Yirding under Sleep

Sky blankets with black sheet with star florals to alarm me through my window. My soul yirds under a jade cozy bed, switching off its eye cameras. While brain is connected to the charger to plant Yarrows in my dream land. Yate starts to grow with the fragrance of eucalyptus with strong root. Donkey engine body rests in peace for hours with yaff inside to race the next pace. Yarnwindle fingers crossed slowly on the pillow. Legs after a walk over a long terrain feels yowndrift from the moon's light. Yachty shape of my body idles serenely into the ocean of sleep as a young stock.

X species

Xanthareel interrelates with snake and fish to shape a glassy bubbles formed with venoms. Silky,mucus body flogs my hand with its shocky waves. 

Xeme gives a flutter kick by widening its wing to enjoy life around a cool breezy water world. Important to fix a burglar alarm at every Bird's nest as xemes steals eggs of other birds.

Xenurine covered with petals of wooden plates associates with squeaky rats to shelter themselves under the ground. Armadillo are armed with their maladroit scales.

Xiphias have got sharp sword than Brutus to stab behind you. Edges are as sharp as stilettos, long as Pinocchio to poke into one's life.

Witchknot with WonderMonger

Walked into a wynd with Wuthering of winds tearing out my ears. My hairs got witchknot,my fingers struggled to untangle it. A wonder monger along with his waldflute came closer to me and asked " Your wishes in life", I shall bring miracles in your life. I feebly asked him " Can you define What Is Life", I'm really worried about it. 

"Life is a question, no one can answer
Death is an answer,no one can question"

"Problems in Life are Stomach Belly
Half are running to slim 
Half are running to fill"

"Crore of dreams
Lakhs of preparation
Thousands of failure
Also then we lead the word 
" Belief called life"

"Death needs courage for a second
Life needs courage for every second"

The best dream I ever had in my life.


Extract the water from those who are not fear of me. Grill,toast,bake them switching with high temperature. Shoot out my belt of rays blending up with UV radiation. Let me vape all their energy with single instance of smoking their powers. Dusting pricky, itchy powders on your back is never gonna rid of my heat. Wake up to exert before I start my vaping up your filled bottles. Wear cotton dress avoiding black color, drink plenty of water, consume lot of fruit juices and coconut water, take bath twice a day, avoid eating meats and junk foods, apply sun screen lotion before moving out, never switch on AC as soon as getting inside the parked car, take water while traveling in thermo flasks but never in plastic bottles.
Follow these steps to lead a happy summer. 

From your hottest 

Unicorn Company

Swink into the tunnel of  creativity and talents. Shovel deep until your body aches and knackered to find the rock of your choice. Sculpt it with unique fingerprints to shape your future without leaving the dusts to fall down. Collect those powdery particles as they have sacrificed themselves to mould your life. Be an unicorn with single minded to achieve. Make yourself a simple, elegant,entrepreneur in Unicorn company without transporting richness, brags, scorns to your head.
Startup the vehicle to ride into ventures.


I love tombstoning into dark forests. I hold tightly on each and every roots to fill my pouch with red wine. I hate sunlight penetrating through my shelter. So,I hide behind the caves of ear and under the bald neck slide. Have you found me? Who am I ? I'm irritating enemy of all school going children. I lie comfort,so they call me lice. What comes first to your mind on hearing the word lice,louse. Absolutely it's gonna be Eww!. Tombstoning from higher scaffold to intense afforest landscape is important in my life. Being a parasites is not an easier job,it's about taking lots of risks. Never fear of heights,jump with your courage.
Heights are eights with two zeros with loops of ups and downs.
A large message from tiny headed lice.

Half Girlfriend

It was a breezy evening, I peeped out from my office window to get vanished into those dark clouds so that I could shed my tears along with them. Soon,it started to rain heavily, I saw people running here and there in search of shelter. My black and white bud eye got sight of a familiar face sitting on my black vespa. It was him,my benchmate during my classes of 1 to 7. OMG!!!  My feet drags me towards elevator to meet him, my heart suddenly bloomed into a red shedding rose. I just wanna pluck out and plant inside his rib cage. Long time I have been staring him through his Facebook page. Finally, he is comforting himself on my black beauty. 

After 6pm I came out of my office remembering his falcon bold eyes, grassy hairs, trimmed beard with mushy moustache. It was a beautiful day in my lifetime. Forgetting everything leaving behind my happiness I started my ride towards my sweet home.  Next day morning,as usual my office routine with my bald and bootyful frustrating boss. Every noon a…

Sandwich Generation

I'm wrapped in between two slices of bread toasted by my little kid monsters and grilled with Dracula elderly in laws. Every day my neighborhood aunties pokes their Pinocchio nose and elves ears into our small niches. Sundays has been always hot with me to handle those planets in my galaxy. Working days are divided into desert and desserts on either sides. Stress irons me without any folding of happiness, anger whistles out pressure from my Hawkins nose, fear furs me inside. 
Taking care of all problems and people around is a technological problem with evolving new version. I'm stuck into a Sandwich,will the witch rescue me &have a blissful journey on her broomstick.


She lights her face with bindi at center of her two bushy rainbow brows. Her lotus bud eyes blooms with white and black petals. Eyelashes massacres every guys with her mascara. Cup cake cheeks are sprinkled with fountain foundation eagerly waiting to take a scoop of kiss. Her upper lips Pomegranates and her lower lips resembles beetroots. Nacre's has to beg for her close up smile. Nail petals are chlorophylled with colorful arts. Lady's fingers are manicured, foot are fish pedicured. Dresses herself with tight budget of costumes to stand on her own wedges to survive on every edges of life.


You and me went through deep dark woods to shovel the sand to dig our secrets. They stayed under the soil for years with centipedes and millipedes. Thousands of creepy legs slowly took those secrets towards umbrella of mushrooms. Mushrooms sucked those secrets to polka dots. Secret polka dots were sticked to red velvet lady bugs. Lady bugs flew and shared those secrets with fire flies. They glowed their secrets towards the dusty gas filled shining stars. Stars shoots those secrets towards moon. Finally my dark deep secrets has reached it's destination, where I could watch a black marks on moon every time. It remains qabalistic forever, gazing over my cemetery.

Pyrrhic Victory

Victory is a mass tree which gives us yummier juicy fruits with bitterness of skin outside and seeds inside. When victory gives you a fruit, taste plentiful but never forget to sow the seeds for your future followers. Let them know tree gives us shade, gives us air, gives us medicine, gives us pleasure but never takes it's happiness towards top of it's height to hide moonlight. It gives path in between of every branches and leaves. Never take your pride towards your brain it dopes into the pool of Pyrrhic victory and lavishly spends all your wealth and health. Vain knocks your kneel down to worry about future with temporary victory.
Never run for victory,let victory run behind you.

You made me Omnishambles

One stormy evening, I met her again. My heart turned into a dark red rose with veins pumping blood to my leafy eyes to blow my breathe,so that her silky hair flies beautifully in air. My legs are rooted strongly in earth to feel her anklets sound. My nails were as clear as a mirror to hold her reflection. My brain watered my thorny hairs to enrich my purity and handsome to make her fall for me. She laughed loudly with sweet notes of music,which reached my ear drum to start it's new musical notes. My buttons and tie are penetrating inside me asking shall I be her ear stud and ribbon to her shiny cascading hair. 
Hey girl you made me Omnishambles in all my works with your magnetic power.

Noughties Come back

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, can you feel the contraction of your heart,could your eyes spot the hidden happiness that made your noughties into naughtiness. 

Those days were wonderful to spend my life with my grandparents. My granny prepares yummy spicy lime and mango pickles. Aroma reaches to the corner of street and knocks every neighbors door.  Those were my school days I hopped,tripled and became a basketball player. My school awarded me with all rounder in sports. Won lot of trophies and those days gave me pride moments. 

During noughties addiction towards technology was less when compared with today's scenarios. Google were just a search engine but today it has become a life engine. Kidneys are sold to buy apple iPhone because they have got two jelly beans.  Keypad and slide model phones from Nokia were strong and bullet proof. But today every phone has got its slogan Use and Throw within a year.

 There are lot more on noughties to feel nostalgic. Keep your memories …

A drop in the Ocean

When every politicians were busy in retaining power and money, one noble man was busy thinking about future of nation and youngsters it's none other than Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam Ji. He stood as a drop in the ocean.A drop of nuclear bomb in Hiroshima & Nagasaki by US has got it's effects even today. A single drop has got lots of consequences.Layer upon layer coated by the fluid over a parasite forms a pearl inside the ocean. Every drop has got it's own coerce.Even a drop of red ink get tainted when dropped in a blue ink bottle.After heavy rain,our eyes falls in pure love with dew drops to snapshot it's beauty. Never cut off one's power with his appearance and status. Tiny and minute things are ubiquitous to fill our happiness. So, every drop must be valued for its worthiness. Even Evan Spiegal CEO of Snapchat denies a drop pointing out the reason of being POOR, but now those poor drops are proving how united and RICH they are to bring famine in his Appland.
This post…

Meh I don't care

Hear your mirror whispering you are beautiful. Don't care of people's retina shouting you are ugly.Have a friendship with one who pushes you front,but never with one pulls you back.Share your dark secrets with parents,but never with a parrot.Never feel for the passed away person,their blessings are dragging you towards your success.Don't care about people talking behind you, they are greedy goose.Never get melted with appreciations made by people around you, they are viewers who will watch you drowning inside Quick Sand.Don't care about the future life they cause fissures to your present life.Don't get caved inside your comfort zone, pave yourself to fall and rise.Don't trust too much with the world,seasons change,technology changes, even money changes.So,How much time does it take for a human to change himself.Whatever happens just give a shrug and say" I don't Care Anymore". Let me fight with those cowards to conquer my life.Have A Happy and pro…

Listicle of 25 things to do before I reach 25

I pat myself to be a Solivagant to discover myself.Longing to lead a hostel life,so that I learn to clean up my own mess.A day all alone at home without bruxism of fear and darkness.Blend my face with all make up products after wake up.Practice of weaving neat braid without any tangles.Get chased by pack of dogs.Donate blood as I have got universal donor group with positive vibes.A ride on roller coaster without shrilling at high note.Get into a crowded elevator and shout out "HELP" 😉Order all available menus at a restaurant.To prank with the stranger and get a bunch of foul words.To catch a fish in village area and a chance to taste roes.Selfie with public workers and scavengers.Have a visit to cemetery at 12 midnight.Fasting for a day just drinking plenty of water.Spend a day with army force in bivouac with avenger power weapon system.Get all balloons from the vendor and leave to flutter in the wind.Disguise myself into a hyperkinetic boy.Get stung with wasp.Morphing drag…

Be my Koozie forever

Pearls are safeguarded by shells to value it's tear drop. Fruits carry seeds to flourish their future generations. Egg shell protects both yolk and albumen legally not allowing them to mingle. A book cover shields hundreds and thousands of pages from crashes to crushes. Sky has been cushioned with clouds to heal it's everyday exhaustion. 

Everyone has got something to defend their life, but I have got him.
He is the one who insulates me with his hairy arm like a Koozie on chill canned juices. His breathe and warmth turns me into cold blooded animal wandering for mild temperatures to sleep on his lap. As chameleon changes it's body color, I change for every feeling you pour on me. You and I never a Made for each other couple. But let's show the world by living our love life proving that we are Shade for each other to help and support till our last breathe.

Jumbrella love on Summer

Will you be a dome to protect my body, will your palette bring colorful feelings to shatter my wails away. Be a shield to protect me from blazing sun. When breeze pulls me with its natural power will you breathe hard to rescue me. Will you feel my pleasant smell from my fingers that rakes my hair every time I comfort under your shade. When I see a luminous ring cloud around the sun, I hop to rest under you. My complexion makes me look Juvenal because you sacrifice for me.
I admire your Ruches which tickles my heart to say gratitude for protecting me from UV rays in all seasons.

IT Girl life

A girl who has become a celebrity more through intense media coverage than through any personal achievements.

Sara schatzl a German columnist, author, actress, a business woman and a IT girl. She was played by the actor Herasprung as paparazzi by picturing himself with her after the separation from his wife Barbara Engel and later denied saying she is a common woman,I'm not having any relationship with her. 

Becoming an overnight Trump is like incoronating a rich foolish to rule the dynasty. She builds a ingle to feel warm in hand but her finger prints infumates to greyish yellow flower in the table vase. The innoxious  fragrance of the flowers betrays her talents and drags towards a Fructuous world to awaken her intercostal  beauty and zest inside her.


Do you humblebrag or Have you met a humble bragger??

Humble brag is to 
Say something with apparent modesty but at the same time actually boast about an achievement.
We've all bragged at one time or another in our life. We feel good when we share our success or the successes of those we love.Humble brag was coined by comedian and Parks and Recreation writer,
producer Harris Wittels.

Why we Brag?
We want to show the world switching on our 32 LED bulbs smile impressing our accomplishments to value and mark important.

Why we hate when others brag?
        It really irritates one's patience when they humblebrag themselves with hypaethral growths with those hooey tones which brings blood to ear and smoke in stomach which leads our throat to hydropic. We strongly believe they are liars.

How to be a good bragger?
         Boast judiciously by knowing your audience and enjoy outrageous humble brags out there.


Is your closet filled with Glad Rags or normal  rags?

Glad rags are clothes used on special occasions.

Every women's closet is beautifully arranged with glad rags. She maintains every outfits with neat folds with a distinctive smell. But one unique expensive glad rag remains the best and fresh forever in her closet. It's her wedding saree or lehanga. Every Indian wedding glad rags somewhere in a corner of wardrobe aches to bind up with her floral body in memory of her vivacious and enthusiastic fragrance of her happiness she experienced to hold his hand forever. Every Indian bride experiences a mannequin challenge for hours. It's like a spool wounded up with silk thread with tonnes of accessories. Wedding Saree is no more a glad rag they are sad rags.

Girls are IceAge Scrats who fall in love for acorns. They are Scrat Acorn Love when comes to style and clothing.

Girls are non stop orators on glad rags like Sid in IceAge.


Freemale means a woman who is happy to stay single and independent so that she can do what she wants, when she wants.

Females are furculars carrying three sharply pointed moralities in their life.

 Fights towards her passion. Perennial love and care to her family and the person she trusts.To find her soulmate or friends to support her with fulcrums.
Benefits of being a FREEMALE
You can lead a jungle life instead leading a zoo life.You can be a caterpillar turning out to a colorful butterfly instead of domesticated silkworm for silks.You can be a coin instead of being a crushed or folded currency notes.You can be a seashell instead of fish getting attracted to baits.You can lead a rare life,instead of ubiquitous life.You can be a powerful Nokia instead of Samsung.You can be a mercury element instead of pure silver oxidized to black.See the world upside down to fill things right side .


EARWORM means 
"A tune that keeps itself repeating                           again and again."

My brain was twirled up with all key points and notes for my exam. I was handed over question paper from the teacher. As soon as I reached out to fill answers, someone has opened up my twirled brain. "Who the heck did that?" I shrilled inside,and slowly popped out my Earworm signalling that it was him who has deactivated my memorized answers. My eyes started to roll as a squint unable to fetch my answers. For god sake I pleaded will you have a nap under my bloomed jhumka till I complete my future predicating paper. I took some serious steps breathe in, breathe out to concentrate. As soon as I came out of the hall I couldn't find languish earworm that was disturbing during my exam. 

At night during my study time I heard a squeaky sound,it was him again. My anger temperature reached high to oxidise those earworms. I'm telling you these Earworms play a vital role in eve…


Have you heard the word Doom-Monger?? What does that mean?             
"A person who predicts disaster"

In our lifetime we're awarded enough with more incidents to deal with one's own strength. We're stumped in life to face disasters. Have you ever predicated the problems before it reaches out you to shot down?? 

I m happy and quirk to say that Yes, I am a Doom Monger. Some of the symptoms thst occur before I get a shot with my disaster. 

Whenever I laugh too much until my tummy delaminates.Cat crossing from my left to right side.Forgetting to receive deosculate from my mom.When my little toe finger get hurt by dashing with wooden material.When I forget to wear diamante ruby red ring.During my travel if I got a sight of butcher with his bloody knife.Whenever the above following happens to me,I predicate something bad is gonna happen the next day or week.

Are you a Doom monger? If yes,then do share some of your symptoms with me.


Leading a sedentary lifestyle is not easy as you think. You may think that we spend lot of times over internet and watching television by filling up our pouch with junk foods, but that's not true we spend time preciously on watching serials,movies, video games with some brain activities. 

Have you noticed Anandh Ambani son of mukesh ambani CEO of Reliance industries he loved his life by eating all foods at his younger age but now look at him he lost 100kg in 10 months. How handsome is he right now !! He transformed from couch potato to a crispy finger fries. Look life circulates around the potato in whatever shape or size you sculpt yourself. Don't underestimate one's talent and beauty with his/her weight.

It's easy to poach eggs and potatoes but tough when comes to couch potatoes.

Junk foods are hazardous to our health. God has created bunches of fruits and vegetables to keep our health as tranquil as a feather. Let us say no to canned or packed juices. Instead take fres…