Half Girlfriend

It was a breezy evening, I peeped out from my office window to get vanished into those dark clouds so that I could shed my tears along with them. Soon,it started to rain heavily, I saw people running here and there in search of shelter. My black and white bud eye got sight of a familiar face sitting on my black vespa. It was him,my benchmate during my classes of 1 to 7. OMG!!!  My feet drags me towards elevator to meet him, my heart suddenly bloomed into a red shedding rose. I just wanna pluck out and plant inside his rib cage. Long time I have been staring him through his Facebook page. Finally, he is comforting himself on my black beauty. 

After 6pm I came out of my office remembering his falcon bold eyes, grassy hairs, trimmed beard with mushy moustache. It was a beautiful day in my lifetime. Forgetting everything leaving behind my happiness I started my ride towards my sweet home. 
Next day morning,as usual my office routine with my bald and bootyful frustrating boss. Every noon at 1pm my tummy alarms to fill the pouch to start it's process of digestion. Me and my friend ordered some foods and took a seat. Someone waved a hand in front of me with shout of my name 'Saindhavi'. I couldn't believe my bud eyes, my friend Ronith. Wait did I say friend, no he's not my friend more than a friend he makes me fall for him. OK by now Ronith is my best buddy after a long years. I stood up and gave a pliable smile and my hips are in shaky motion to start a little happy dance, but I controlled. He came closer to me, my heart is breaking it's rib cage to jump over to him, but I controlled. Hey Sai  you are looking gorgeous and slimfit with same smile at your face. I used to see our class photos and think about Where would she be living? How she looks now? Is she married? Lots of questions arises about you. 
Here,I'm just stunned with all his questions that has been haunted these days about me. My upper and lower lips are trembling to open up to answer, as he is standing closer to me after 10 long years. He said "Yesterday, I joined here in your office and today I m happy that I have got a old friend to lead my work life."
Days passed by we were getting really close each other sharing our dreams,gains,pains,ecstasies. I felt as soft as butter with colorful wings on both sides. But my fate changed pushing towards getting married to the person to whom my parents pointed out. My brain swiveled up thinking about Ronith Does he love me? Why didn't he respond anything about my marriage? 
From all this I concluded myself that I fooled myself thinking that I was his girlfriend. Still my confused state bothered me asking What if you were a half girlfriend to him. 
I'm now here married with the sweetest person having two kids and Ronith with his wife.

Our half relationship drowned inside ourselves hoisting a flag of reminiscent.

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