Meh I don't care

  • Hear your mirror whispering you are beautiful. Don't care of people's retina shouting you are ugly.
  • Have a friendship with one who pushes you front,but never with one pulls you back.
  • Share your dark secrets with parents,but never with a parrot.
  • Never feel for the passed away person,their blessings are dragging you towards your success.
  • Don't care about people talking behind you, they are greedy goose.
  • Never get melted with appreciations made by people around you, they are viewers who will watch you drowning inside Quick Sand.
  • Don't care about the future life they cause fissures to your present life.
  • Don't get caved inside your comfort zone, pave yourself to fall and rise.
  • Don't trust too much with the world,seasons change,technology changes, even money changes.
  • So,How much time does it take for a human to change himself.
  • Whatever happens just give a shrug and say" I don't Care Anymore". Let me fight with those cowards to conquer my life.
Have A Happy and prosperous Life. 


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