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BARATHON-- Sun And Lovers

I hate dark sky studded with diamond
Love to wake up seeing clear sky with
Yellow bindi spreading beam warmly

I hate bats and owls fearing out my dreams
Love to hear fresh warbles and buzzes with fragrances

Darkness spreads evil to scatter, 
Sunlight spreads eagle to scavenge

Dark is an arc with emptiness,
Sun is a den with majestic lion

Love is thrown into heart, hate is
thrown into bubble of mind

Sun scorches but couches lovers
To lick ice creams, to fall more for
each other.

Sun loves skin to form kin with dope
Moon shines to fetch every reflection.

I'm writing this for #BARATHON by @blogarhythm1 on the prompt" Sun and Lovers".

BARATHON-- Lord Of The Files

Aunty in green whispered,it's him 
                   Look there 
He walked soggily in heat to drive,
Truck to carry goods, to fill up his 
Bag of tummy with money to live.
His hand always carries piles of files
Fortunately, without bloody piles in                                           bum
Everyone teased him for his poverty
Ambulance arrived at his home
Our people are well trained to watch and gossip about one's pain 
Aunty in green rushed into his home
Witnessed him as a corpse
He knows about his brain injury and criteria along with solution
Few organs are registered for                                         donation
Waited for any minute death, his                                   hand Carried files
He closed his eyes to open few eyes
His last breathe of oxygen gave life to                         others
Those teasing mouths, proudly named him "Lord Of The Files" 
To Inspire, To Pray,To Bow

I'm writing this for #BARATHON by @blogarhythm1 f…

BARATHON-- War And Pieces

Sundays are best sundae to cool                                      myself
It begins at morning,covered up with                              suit of armors 
 Weapons are tempting to attack her
She stands tall on her Eiffel wedges
Staring with owl eyes,hair dyed in tar                                 coal 
On the other end my mother in-law
Drinks sip of copper water to chill              words to attack me
Spatulas, rolling pins,packets,veggies were launched from my canopies.
In return she threw tulsimala,
utensils, her husband's garments
Few minutes later,
Chanting AUM, we both sprinkled each other corn flour to end the war
                               in peace
 Both of us took a sound nap 
 Men of the house cooked and served                                 us with Rogan Josh 
Each plate was filled with chicken                                     leg piece
I laughed at my sweet mother in-law
Giggled each other,united with the                                  pieces.

I'm writing for BARATHON …

BARATHON -- Of Ice And Men

Men has got strong tortoise shell                                         physique
Inside lives a organ which melts from
Cubes of love and sacrifice to purity                             and Warmth.
Man of the house builds himself to
Brother stands as snowman to                                        protect and entertain
Friend gives all flavors to cool our                               anger with ice creams
Boyfriend powders her beauty with                       his icing sugar love and care
Father-in-law showers affection                  greater and determined as glaciers
Son snows to show new world of                                    Iceland

Every men is a Titanic Jack to sacrifice themselves for their life of                           Roses.

Dedicated to every Ice Men.

I'm writing this for BARATHON Day3 prompt Of Ice And Men by @blogarhythm1

BARATHON -- Life Of Pie

    Life can be of many segments in a                                    circle
       Segments are segregated either                         with knife or bare hands 
      Knives slices off the shadow which                                 follows you
       Left Hands gentles to hide from                                       right hand
  Sitting in a park under a canopy love
  To fill my mouth and tummy with                                       pie 
   Life disguise himself into crow,sits                               beside me 
  We debate but never quarrel for pie
  Discuss story from all angles before                            arriving at the end.
  With a huge burp he circles above                              my decayed body 
   I'm here longing for cherry pie .

I'm writing for BARATHON day2 prompt Life Of Pie for @blogarhythm1
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    Tables arranged, exam bell rang
   My benchmate took out bit papers 
        Teacher's glance fell on me 
            The Fault in our Stares
  Everyone rejected her for burnt face
   From nowhere he came to tie knot
              The Fault in our Stares
     Little girl spent vacation at uncle's                 home,instead he harassed 
            The Fault in our Stares
      She wore saree,she wore skirt
   His eyes tempted to stare her body
            The Fault in our Stares
  Stumbled to choose the rest room as          god gifted her to be transgender
             The Fault in our Stares
   When men bleeds at war,he is brave
   When women bleeds every month,
                       she is impure
              The Fault in our Stares
         Bargaining at malls makes us 
     But bargaining with street vendors   makes us feel proud of saving money
                The fault in our Stares

I'm writing this for Barathon Day1 
Prompt "The Fault In O…

Soul into Halves

Cut my soul vertically into two halves    Black and White Good and Bad                      Sweet and Bitter                      Salt and Sugar             Herbivore and Carnivore               Boisterous and Tranquil                     Lemon and Orange           Two souls have got their own       Emotions, warmth, vivacity, spirit Partial facade soul whispered   We are not here to learn,we are                  here to remember all that we                once knew before we arrived.      My negative soul basked under                  the heat of blood to compete                     with sucking leeches around. My positive soul swims under                    roots of veins to bloom out    Florals firmly to symbolize my                purity,beauty,majesty and grace. Both are released from the univorous to reach the hypaethral with license.

I'm happy when moon brightens the dark sky.I'm happy when I see humanity alive.I'm happy when relations don't ask "When are you getting married? "I'm happy when I read books to dream.I'm happy when my selfie looks dashing without any filters.I'm happy when I wear eyeliner as a border to stop shedding tears.I'm happy when I see snail crawling boldly from it's shell.I'm happy when the movie "Wonder Women" has wondered every men's heart.I'm happy when my friends surprises me with gifts wrapped under shells.I'm happy when candy clouds pour sweet and pure water.I'm happy when I smell Biriyani prepared by momma.I'm happy when Sunday arrives to make me sleep.I'm happy when I help needy people.I'm happy when I see ants doing teamwork.I'm happy when I see myself on mirror.I'm happy when I see black and white making best pair.I'm happy when I touch my scars,that has taught me a lesson.I'm hap…