I was changing channel in television my eyes with speed of lightning got a peek of fashion ramp walk. IDEA !I am gonna pen down about wacky but innovative fashion shows.I love women who effortlessly style with elegance.Elders in our family usually say What a person chooses to wear reflects his or her personality.Those days fashion varied according to age, occupation, class,even when older people wear young people fashion it looked ridiculous.

But today advancements and new technologies in fashion industry is shaping and trending current lifestyle.It's jump the gun feel.Fashion show is a tool to express how a designer carves his creativity garment into relatable harmony for viewers.

Frill and lacy frocks with eye captivating looks makes a root to stylish and mystery 
culture.I was deeply pondering current status of world fashion rotating as kaleidoscopic.
Fashion designer toils and snares along with essence of creative skill to wizard in the
land of passion with fascination towards fashion.They communicate to the world with
extensive works and travel.Clothing,Illustrating,Predicting,Woven,Marketing,CAD,
are key skills to collaborate with their top notch. Fabric out of milk,tea, coffee beans,
plastic bags,beer bottles are made.

I could visualize fashion innovations of a designer with their failures which makes entire
dream to screech halt.So, being a designer is a act of risk taking along with mistakes
ultimately leading to fortunate success. Weird and wacky dresses in shows are to get
inspired and wonder about the designer's odd vision towards his or her pave o
frustrations.Fashion is only industry giving royal looks to minute dots and even that
minute dots shows its glamour to whole work piece.

I am writing this for #BLOG&WIN contest by Novemberschild.
                                         THE DEATH OF MAYA

On the morning of July 22, an old man with his wife complained to manager
of hotel that "When he turned the tap on water was coming black for two 
seconds and then back to its normal."Also he mentioned that water tasted horrible
from his check in day to now."We thought it was just the way used
to be here but today "It was disgusting and nauseating taste".The
manager immediately apologized for discomforting  elderly people.
A hotel employee and scavenger climbed to roof of hotel's water tank to 
find out what has made water impure.But they collapsed after seeing decomposed body of MAYA.Her parents have already complained police about  MAYA who is not back from college for past three days.Her last phone call was with her mother saying that she will be late tonight as she is attending her friend Dhanya's birthday party.After her autopsy her death was reported as murder.After hearing traumatic news her parents couldn't breathe they cried emotionally.Police investigated victim parents regarding her death.Maya's father
with starving pain told "that two days back her friend Manish committed suicide drinking poison.He also attended birthday party with my daughter.I saw photo on his Facebook page the day before his death. I personally went to him to enquire about my daughter but he was trembling to face me.On same day he committed suicide."Maya's mother remembered her daughter's complaint to her about Manish pestering Maya to love and she ignored it.Finally,Postmortem examination of Maya reported that she was given poisoned juice also she suffered from cuts and slashes with knife brutally thrown into water tank.
                This story reveals about the present situation of our country which
                  trends on murdering girls who believes friendship with guys.


                            🎄 2016 CHRISTMAS ON SUNDAY 🎄

Here comes the day for SANTA PAPA SANTA PAPA  on 25th December Sunday.
It's a huge maazaa for all Professionals,Students,employees out there
We people love Sundays. That to festive Sunday. Day of the week in which we
people have all fun,bombarding hiccups and kick ups,Outings to get Outfits,
Spa to get rid of Spasm,Brunch with besties,Shopaholic,bookaholic,chocoholic to alcoholic
Theaters to treats,Moving to Pubs as Cubs to glance Chicks,Beaches without Breaches
Parks with Perks,Meticulous malls for enjoyment these modes in full status.
Every festivals have lotsa dhoom and mazaq on that particular week but on that
festive day no one comes out to rejoice.Same with christmas this year  for me wherever
I turn around my head as robot I could stare only Christmas Trees ,Cakes,
Santa Claus mannequin welcoming everyone  🎄at malls,shops.
All bakeries are filled up like fruit flies in fruits.Audios of same jingle
bells,white Christmas,carnival ride.Uff I was little fed up and loved it any way
so I took out my mobile and here comes the same Santa Papa odor all DP's in whatsapp,
facebook insta alll..Sending  forward messages with christmas and New Years eve.Lastly
the lines stagnantly I m the  first to wish you New year eve.What is your resolutions??
Really it's a Thug Life.But I love Christmas  for these

  • 🎄Christmas conifer Tree with electrified lights,bells,socks,snow flakes,balls.
  • 🎄Mythological Santa Claus with gifts riding on Reindeer on                                    sleighs.
  • 🎄Give Away gifts through chimneys.
  • 🎄Carols and Jingle Bells
  • 🎄Cakes,IceCreams
  • 🎄Online shopping offers and contest to win prizes, gifts.
  • 🎄Eagerly waiting Santa Claus  PAPA's presents.
  • 🎄Burst out tummy given by besties.

                     ḤOLDING ḤǠṆḌṢ👏

The Day when I made my family to have a pliable smile and joy on their faces was

my first cry to breathe in this sphere.My mother unselfishly transferred me to my

grandmother to initiate and raise me up.My mushy body got comforted on her

moderately warmth  physique. I could hear her lovey-dovey heart beat for me,

such a feel is ineffable to experience.My cutie fingers cuddled on her fluffy hands.

 At such times I madly cry for Time machine .Very soon I was accelerated

 by my granny to a adult. Being an Adult  is not as easy as getting a right

 key to a lock. This is the phase of life in which you get easily adulterated.

 Life is as fast as bullet train that one day we have to get down in a stop to

 see how far we have reached our destination..I was surrounded by my

 granny the noblewoman with lively and lion hearted who gives a kangaroo kick

 to all her hurdles in life.She always kept her standards and pride at the height

 of her own horizon.I have never met a lady with easy past who has etched

 my heart by piling up with these words

 " IF YOU GET TRAP YOU MUST ,WARP AND SHARP ACCORDINGLY TO LEAD A                                                                 HARP LIFE"


   I habitually sit in between her shin and we have a long

   conversations and gossips. I don't know if there is any

   paradise seat to cozy me like my granny's shin bone.

   Disastrously one day when I got up I blew up her chin

   with my head Alas!she lost a tooth.

   Pain that we create acci-(dental)ly to our jaanu is like sugarcane in a

   juice extractor .What have I done to my oberon?? I need Time machine arrogantly

  On Mondays and Thursdays evening she pulls me to give a gentle MALISH and

   interlaces  my hair with neat braid. When her  fingers ploughs roots of my hair 

   I whim like eternal love up. When I was a toddler I used to pee on my granny's 
   tummy because she had post baby belly after giving birth two girls and two boys.

   She often pokes me saying it was me who made her tummy salty with white 

   patches.I really don't know why my neurons navigated me to her belly to pee. 

  That's why I badly cry for Time Machine.Getting old is an odd feeling  for elders.  

 One's own agony and distress is always ignored by unfamiliar ones sometimes

 ignored  by our loved ones.As her toenails get patched up with skin I used to soak

 her feet in water for minutes so that her nails suck to pulp.As people get older 

 they start to behave babyish with loads and tonnes of freak and quikyness which 

 these times leads them to old age  homes My beau granny used to sleep with 

 a comb at night to scratch on her dermis where mosquitoes would mark their

 lipsing to suck her sweet blood.Being sweet to the society with sweet blood

attracts diabolic which  leads  diabetes.Yes she was a diabetic patient I was the

one who made her days painful by injecting Insulin to her.She got so many 

blood clots in her arms and  thighs for the injection. During my college I received

a call that she was falling ill and wanna see me.Those were my study holidays I ran

to see her. I blackout when I saw her on bed with intravenous fluid.The lady 

who  was bold and courageous now lying poorly on death bed.Is this the same

lady who roared and raised voice during her tedious times unmindful of relations

and society ? Her soul passed away but her hands were right into  my hands 

holding tightly.My AMMA  with  charismatic and  elegance will never fade away.

She has pierced  my heart with her powerful and ingenious works and her

stiff times as a lesson.I pitifully need Time machine.


 " I am writing this post towards #BLOG&CELEBRATE contest by Novemberschild"