Do you humblebrag or Have you met a humble bragger??

Humble brag is to 
Say something with apparent modesty but at the same time actually boast about an achievement.
We've all bragged at one time or another in our life. We feel good when we share our success or the successes of those we love.Humble brag was coined by comedian and Parks and Recreation writer,
producer Harris Wittels.

Why we Brag?
      We want to show the world switching on our 32 LED bulbs smile impressing our accomplishments to value and mark important.

Why we hate when others brag?
        It really irritates one's patience when they humblebrag themselves with hypaethral growths with those hooey tones which brings blood to ear and smoke in stomach which leads our throat to hydropic. We strongly believe they are liars.

How to be a good bragger?
         Boast judiciously by knowing your audience and enjoy outrageous humble brags out there.

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  1. Humble brag sounds so much better than actual bragging! At least the person is modest about it!