Leading a sedentary lifestyle is not easy as you think. You may think that we spend lot of times over internet and watching television by filling up our pouch with junk foods, but that's not true we spend time preciously on watching serials,movies, video games with some brain activities. 

Have you noticed Anandh Ambani son of mukesh ambani CEO of Reliance industries he loved his life by eating all foods at his younger age but now look at him he lost 100kg in 10 months. How handsome is he right now !! He transformed from couch potato to a crispy finger fries. Look life circulates around the potato in whatever shape or size you sculpt yourself. Don't underestimate one's talent and beauty with his/her weight.

It's easy to poach eggs and potatoes but tough when comes to couch potatoes.

Junk foods are hazardous to our health. God has created bunches of fruits and vegetables to keep our health as tranquil as a feather. Let us say no to canned or packed juices. Instead take fresh juices and coconut water which nourishes your health. Good exercise and any martial arts can make our body fit and happy. Every humans must take care of her/ his body as divine as a temple. 

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