Noughties Come back


Close your eyes and take a deep breath, can you feel the contraction of your heart,could your eyes spot the hidden happiness that made your noughties into naughtiness. 

Those days were wonderful to spend my life with my grandparents. My granny prepares yummy spicy lime and mango pickles. Aroma reaches to the corner of street and knocks every neighbors door.  Those were my school days I hopped,tripled and became a basketball player. My school awarded me with all rounder in sports. Won lot of trophies and those days gave me pride moments. 

During noughties addiction towards technology was less when compared with today's scenarios. Google were just a search engine but today it has become a life engine. Kidneys are sold to buy apple iPhone because they have got two jelly beans.  Keypad and slide model phones from Nokia were strong and bullet proof. But today every phone has got its slogan Use and Throw within a year.

 There are lot more on noughties to feel nostalgic. Keep your memories inside a frames of photos, if you have lost your memories,to remain you need photos.


  1. That is so wonderful.
    Keep writing. I am falling in love with your writing. 🎆


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