Zaftig Brave


Brave raves me with its qualities to raise my confidence of waves to wash away fears. Tiny heart inside beats faster to check speed of CARdio pulse rate during my braveness. 
Valorous living examples around us:

  • Elephant never cries for being size zero
  • Rose never fear of thorns.
  • White never fear for black money
  • Pen never fears for shedding its blue
  • Scars never fear of pain
  • Love never fears of hate
Courageous is fermented with truth,trust,confidence,anger above all experience. Zone of facing problems becomes more simple with vast boldness. It shapes a person to zaftig. 


  1. u have written brave words bout brave , but i didnt know this word zaftig , looked it in dictionary , its meaning was written as an attractive plump woman .......


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