Listicle of 25 things to do before I reach 25

  1. I pat myself to be a Solivagant to discover myself.
  2. Longing to lead a hostel life,so that I learn to clean up my own mess.
  3. A day all alone at home without bruxism of fear and darkness.
  4. Blend my face with all make up products after wake up.
  5. Practice of weaving neat braid without any tangles.
  6. Get chased by pack of dogs.
  7. Donate blood as I have got universal donor group with positive vibes.
  8. A ride on roller coaster without shrilling at high note.
  9. Get into a crowded elevator and shout out "HELP" 😉
  10. Order all available menus at a restaurant.
  11. To prank with the stranger and get a bunch of foul words.
  12. To catch a fish in village area and a chance to taste roes.
  13. Selfie with public workers and scavengers.
  14. Have a visit to cemetery at 12 midnight.
  15. Fasting for a day just drinking plenty of water.
  16. Spend a day with army force in bivouac with avenger power weapon system.
  17. Get all balloons from the vendor and leave to flutter in the wind.
  18. Disguise myself into a hyperkinetic boy.
  19. Get stung with wasp.
  20. Morphing dragonfly body with butterfly wings.
  21. Learn Scuba Diving 
  22. A coffee with the person I'm longing for years.
  23. Squeeze a orange peel in someone's eyes.
  24. Help any animal during it's delivery time.
  25. Heavy burp in public 😎


  1. Except a few things, I have done many of these lists. Life sahi hai.
    Masoom. 😁😁😁 Nice one.


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