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Find who am I #WOW prompt

Its night The moon is buzzed with stars, While I’m buzzed with females Sucking. Let’s keep noise every day in everything we do It fights to bite my petal skin to imbibe nectar Mood for the mosquitoes Mood for Wimbledon One giant leap for womankind I lift my weapon to give a exquisite shot I took a backhand drop shot like the crowned  Angelique kerber As mustards pops out in tempering She burns in high voltage with metallic scent You know  “God is a woman” When she gets her rackets on hand.
Who am I? Name me if you can?

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You have got wings

I suck under every gracious floral  
I imbibe long chain of dripping red honey
White petal turns RED
My wings are always open for you Girl
Feel comfort and sky high with ankle booties
Let the era talk about our post war PERIOD.
                                                         With forever love, Sanitary Napkins

Six minutes of fame

I want to be famous
I want to be an icon
I want millions of heart to shout my name
I want those millions to shed tear on my funeral
I want to break records
I want to hear gossips and scoopwhoop news 
I want to snatch that number one position
I want to scribble my name as an autograph
I want to have BMW m5 
I want to be remembered forever
Then I realized that fame comes with hindrance of solitary
No one knows, and will ever know
Because I have become three dimensional figure with
No flaws
No regret
No insecurities
With no time to spend on my time
Can't understand anything about what I've become
Six minutes of fame
All I need is
Scattered village with cluster of whitewashed mud brick homes
Cuddled amid green barley fields.

Give me a five

Give me a five 
You are born in planet 'The Earth'
Give me a five 
You are born as a homo sapien
Give me a five
For that you still survive shamelessly
Give me a five
For trusting your inner unknown echoes
Give me a five
For your hearing patience over back talkers and whisperers
Give me a five
For not giving up your pride in all broken situations
Give me a five
For leading the life after witnessing the real pain of death 
Give me a five 
Finally, to your soul who leads caged life inside a body for years.

Four corners of the world

The clock on the wall
like my bomb ticking
The fan on the roof 
Like sharp knives
The mobile on the hand
Like my lifeline 
My time and numbers running
Here and there 
Speechless, mad,sordid, without any point
Doubted, expressionless, knackered, naked
There's only one soul listening and watching
Loneliness, the biggest killer
In my four corners of the world.

Magical Clouds

Elevated coconut trees with  heads of serpents

thundering to blow off coconuts into halves

Lightnings energizes sweet water 

Clouds extract every pulp to coconut milk

Breezy air blows with strong essence with high antioxidants

Silky liquids from nuts without any emulsifiers, additives, hydrogenated fats

Full of flavor for my skin and hair, pouring virgin coconut oil

Showers like a ayurvedic rain to refresh my dullness

Every drop from the dark clouds moisturizes my skin

Lowers bad cholesterol with a single lick 

Controls acne, dandruff, gives out fluffy volume of hair

I glow every rain oily season without any need of head and body massages 

Every drop I save by rain oil harvesting

All I need is the magical cloud of coconut oil 
So that my town remains unknown of the word "Bald".

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Three's crowd

Dark midnight blue, flute of air

Kindling the moon with our plate of  love

Snowfall shreds chocolate fudge brownie skin with choco buttercream frosting,

Fingers frozen as jolly rancher lollipops

Melts to ooze out cocoa of love  from our pieced molten lava eyes,

Gravity suffered diabetic to pull as apart

Creepy black hole came into existence to germinate

Three's crowd of

Cynicism, suspicion turned down my love redness to Carolina reaper red

Those burns cut like a knife

Three's crowd

Ran down my spine into veins and that's the hottest part,

Was not the seed like everyone thinks,

Three's crowd 

Heat scale rosed up with chilly heads to love those burns.

Lesser of two evils

I relaxed myself sitting on the couch playing tom & Jerry game on mobile Doorbell rang, I sluggishly opened the door I saw 3 members standing a woman, a man and a little girl Who are they actually? How can I describe? The lady looked gorgeous, her supernova eyes, hair radiating like sunrays, candy apple lips With her harmonious voice, she introduced herself -‘I’m your existing problem’ Uff! You are already making party in my life as a DJ creating lots of hiccups, What else do you need? I’m sorry these days; I stayed outside your wall. It’s time to reveal inner depth of the problem at epicentre of your home she replied My heart weighed like a lock waiting for its key to release Authority was approved to her to enter my life I’m a girl who believes karma is a boomerang She hopped to queue the playlist in my life.

With beardless cheeks and chin scarcely needed a razor with a clear sky blue eyes looked into me and said I’m your happiness OMG!! Thanks for coming into my life after a very long peri…

One too Many

She no longer, loves me Why? Asked my heart to brain and so brain asked to my heart, I laughed, as she proposed me and now she rejects me I could hear her tingling sound of anklets, I could visualize her venomous smile, Will she feel the pain of my heart? Will she know that my tummy butterflies are puking lava flames like dragons? One too many I’m arrested on sides of pouring glasses Smelling aromatics from the bitter bottles One too many Liquids are more viscous, Glasses are prone to spilling, One too many Hey, wait a second did you think I’m in a bar getting alcoholic addicted to her love If you think so, shoot your brain to reach the seventh hell, I’m not even gonna give my shit for her love I’m here at my paradise with my own angel, Measuring her wrist size to cuff her hand with diamond bangle, One too many cups of steaming Citrus and mint garnished Rasam prepared by mom, Her warmth of hugs and kisses boozes me to slurp her cocktail Rasams, The only neutral spirit for my anger hunger, One woman in m…

Singular dreamland WOW Prompt

I kidnapped a sheep and shaved its hair to make a fluffy cloud. At kitchen backyard everyday my mother watered muddy black seeds. In return they gave birth to bulky watermelons.

Door bell rang, I immediately skidded to open, it was the plumber boy. He fixed faucet in each watermelon babies to pee. I swirled the faucet to rain towards her balcony. I watered her with Melony flavor. Her nude lips got a good red shade to kiss. I pouted to kiss her but my lip shade smelt betelnut flavor. 

I woke up from my car window seat and found it was the lady from the bus who have spitted the betel. 

Its an aftermath effect of every singles. As pug follows Vodafone,these aunties follow my dreams.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’