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Nature Surprises You

Rain  Rain  Rain Please ease our souls and bring down drops of happiness  Death here and there but I don't care As a little girl, I worry about my bulbs of onion in clusters coughing with thirst-quenching  throat  Bare it no more, blood must be spilled Eternal fight between nature and human can never be won.  No more time to wait, nothing seems to save us for years.  As usual my good night kisses to my famine land and remnant beings. Exotica Exotica exclaimed everyone  My palms frosted with cool breeze, petrichor waked up my hormones to secrete happiness.  Atlast a real rain after years.  Strong and mad beating down the sickness so deep.  Washing away fear and wail  I can hear crystal clear drops But I wonder why so long but today? Was it my prayers?  Clouds are pouring, down here people are crying.  Serendipity has serenely ended our pity.  Stay close to nature,it will never fail you. 

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Warm Blood

Warmth, What a great feel. When sun rises, it brings sweet orange beams to warmth my pores of skin.Early morning hug with my family members keeps me toasty.For me, warmth is not physical it is an emotional feel.  Every morning my mom prepares yummy food for breakfast as well lunch for my school.Alongside she prepares food for murder of crows cawing up in our terrace.This has been a tradition in our family for years. I used to sit in a couch nearby the window to watch over each and every crow enjoying their meal. Warmth cascades around me on seeing those black velvet birds. I would hear my dad shuffling the newspaper, smell of dad's tea lingered throughout the house is an alarm for me to rush to my school.Even today it's a very pleasant feel.Next, our senior member of our family, my grandpa who waters all plants every morning after a small walk accompanied with the warmth of nature.  Always my walk to school is accomplished with some magically warm moments, Yes I would touch ever…
BOHEMIAN LIFE  Above a decade he strayed across the borders leading a bohemian life with no order of next phase. Poor as sewage mice he was thrown out. His herculean physique now turned him down to lilliput. The wounded heart slowly, healed and continued its Journey stepping trails of memories and rest at pleasant nostalgias.His shadow escorted him with the pride to lead a refugia life together better than ruthless family and friends.But those days are forever etched in his memory.Last breathe of journey has enriched his life and continued most thrilling life experience. 

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ClickAndBlogAStoryLearning GRASP THE KNOWLEDGE BLEND IT WITH YOUR NOTIONS AND OBSERVE THE FLAWS.  BECAUSE IT IS A GREAT TOOL TO SEEK UNKNOWN TO KNOWN LEARN , LEARN BEFORE YOU REACH THE URN.  I m writing this post to Geethica, dewcool, slimexpectation for #ClickAndBlogAStory challenge for prompt 'Learn'.


WHY cry of hairs

I’m born inside the water world. 
Day by day I grew in a bald ground. 
I’m much tender and tranquil, 
When my ground expands I too Expand my population 
Without me no beings can look good and charming. MIND IT! 
Girls love my growth and regularly bathes me, I feel more happy when I am with this gender. 
As, the world swirls up as modern and trendy they color me, iron me, harm me, rub me using foams and froths. 
They spray fragrance which makes me dried up and sick. 
They even whip me, whirl me, swap me to their need !Grrr! 
They change my complexion and tone using gels, sprays and dyes.! Ufff! 
People tonsure me in name of god, and lots more. 
I face trouble and pain which you terrific people can’t understand forever. 
Years, pass on I get older color of grey, I fall and flow through air, decay and die under dusty land printed with footpaths of our foes. 
   . . Is this a life?
           Did you find who am I?
           WHY? WHY? Leave us …

Quote on feminism



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Happy with my senses


Think of this feel as a lighthouse beam on night's darkness . It is dependent on status, race and creed. It is for all people of all times and places. I myself a firm believer that my inner crazy happiness and liberty exists on five senses. 

May you have warmth  in your             igloo,oil in your lamp and peace in       your heart! 
                                -Eskimo proverb
I see colours, shape, nature,words,   symbols lot more through 
             my almond eyes, 
   embracing a serene tone.
   Yes I see Happiness through this 
   What more needed to keep my                  eyelashes stronger for mascarra. 

           Music, tune, whistle, chant,                  whisper, resonant, echoes, sneeze,   snore lot more travels detecting through           through radars to my fox ears.
             Yes, I hear happiness. 
     What more needed to soften my ear                 lobe for diamond studs. 

 As the waves of  perfu…

Go for a walk

Go For a Walk

It's very important to take sometime to switch off your gadgets and walk in nature. Don't lift too much pressure on you to go for long walk. Just a few minutes of walk awakens your senses to feel "Shit! I poorly wasted all my lifetime without plugging in my foots to the earth to recharge my heart battery. I promise there is something enriching and serene about walking . We are all used to walk looking down at our phones, that we forget to look above us. 
Watch the clouds, cirrus , birds, lovely people around, stare at the stars, poetic greenish trees, chirping birds, fragrance of flowers and fruits I m sure your inner child emerges out . 

Nature is all we want. Love nature in return it nurtures you incredibly. 
Let's breathe pure air for our future pillars. 

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Surprisingly , I took the snapshot with high speed.

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The only divine soul who sets my puzzles everyday. My mother
is a wonder woman who dedicates
her life to three souls.Dad,me and my brother.She is strong and most prettiest woman I know
Always mother's day hold a
special place in my heart because I love making handmade gifts.When I started writing this post it was all about my strong mom who have fought loss of her first child. Those pain faced by mom is ineffable.No matter how old I become she is always my oberon who fulfills my wishes.I always share whisked loved with her that gives us a special bond of chemical reactions.MyMom's 
love is contagious and 
unconditional. This post made me nostalgic,I m gonna plunder
her candy kisses for me right after posting this blog😁.I 
believe that my mother and god are partners in building my body with 206 bones,service, sacrifice,love.My eternal love is always my mom. 

For me 2016 was an Yin Yang experience.

  Let me welcome my year 2017 with glee and a dance.
  Yes,I wanna build and play with 12 dominoes of 2017.
  I believe this new year is gonna drag me into cloud nine.
  To be candid I've never made resolutions in my lifetime.
  But my mom portrays instead of me in making resolutions
  during my childhood days.Those BOREDOM resolutions

Brushing my teeth twiceEarly to sleep,Early to riseEat healthy and nutritious foodsSay no to Idiot Box  After my puberty my mom's resolutions for me were:

No late night hangouts with friendsNo chats and phone callsNo more bunk for colleges with catchy slogans saying I got fever,stomach aches.No to video games,fb,whatsapp,instagram...               
  Hahaaa yes I followed all those only for 5 to 6 days.But I miss those chuckle some resolutions for me by mom Now I am full fledged So, I have chosen the wordIDIOSYNCRASY.

  I prefer to explore the most constant and crystallized moments My belief i…