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I Envy 
When I see babies,away from worries

When I see dark sky,switching on

When I see Sundays,making everyone happy

When I see green signal,to continue my journey

When I see dice,thrown out for spotting chances

When I see peacock,dancing in rain

When I see pen shedding their blue blood for writers

When I see clock dial,chasing each other for 24*7

When I see old couple,holding each others hand

When I see library,stacked up with books 

There are both living and non living
things,that I envy at their lifestyle who spread happiness sacrificing their lives.


Family is a beautiful god's gift,where we humans feel paradise when we are alive. A family portrait in living room brings a  opulent look to a home.Everyday my heart and brain flatters it's wings to fly around their feet to get their blessings.
A person's life is fulfilled when he has got a fun filled family with a positive
confidence that he is not lone to rule his life.My family makes me reach my miles bossily.I have got many families in my circle of life specially friends,neighbors, social media friends,and even strangers sometimes becomes your close family.

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Want To Be Myself Not A CopyCat


Look at the word,how blissful it pops out my craziness.This word suits me to the current life I'm leading.I prefer to explore the most constant and crystallized moments. It's always boring to be likeheaded,so I wanna jump into pool of nectar,so that one day bee of opportunities would suck me to highly expensive honey🐝Others may share my talents and skill but no one is identical to me.People have turned so 'brainy' these days it is no wonder that when words become stale and notion becomes predictable, so called talent flies out of window.

All this said,I'm a woman and so I still love handwritten notes,handmade gifts,warm hugs,sweet siestas,smell of camphor and fuels,sleeping with three pillows, a talk to myself,hating canned juices,coffee with me on winter afternoon.

Trust yourself embrace with your piece of heart with open arms and portray the emotions, oozing out of your brain and share to the world.Don't value people behind you, worth y…

WOW My Life in 10 Sentences

As nails get polished with colors, I polish my life with elegance and love.As spider spins web to catch it's prey,I'm spinned up with friends away from worries.As colourless as water,my heart is colourless for caste,creed,nationality.As pineapple is spiky outside but sweet inside,my external may not attract but my internal cuffs you.As Alice drinks potion to shrink and grow,I shrink and grow during all my lows.As there are 2 trillion ways to feed a lace through eyelets, I have trillion ways to survive my life.As gifts surprises and brings joy,my works bring gleeful moments.As bells chime on winds,I get overjoyed on seeing kids and pet animals.As thread holds crystal beads in necklace, I hold up my pride and passion.As fluffy as mane of lion,I got silky long hair with star sign LEO. This post is a part of Write Over the weekend, an initiative for IndianBloggers by BlogAdda.


When a person allows himself to think a lot he feels everything around him as chaotic and meaningless.I order my brain to stop thinking for a second or minutes,but that's impossible for me. Whenever I feel down,I share my pain and loss by gazing bright and beautiful moon.It never try to rip off anyone.It never harms or shoves away clouds on it's way. It never needs a name,fame and money. Everytime I get insulted or belittle the moon sits passively and watches me.Such times,my darkest corner of my brain,oozes outs it's wail through every path of veins to reach my red heart.Only blackness and fury overflows through my lips.Arrogance and madness hits every wall of my skin. When my mind is flooded about thinking my present, future, past, good and bad evils. I think twice before I react to it looking at graceful moon through my window. 
What was I thinking ? ? . 

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Be My Snowflake

How could you not know How much my eyes love the sight of Your beard and moustache brushing against  My blush cheek to give a natural radiance  I saw forever in your eyes My one and only unknown love,  How much my nose love the smell of Your cologne scented collar of your shirt  My heart beat decreases with increasing altitude  My one and only unknown love,  How much my tactile lips love the taste of Kisses you cram on me How much my fingers love the touch of Your tenderness and intensity of warmth  How much my toes love to rest on Your feet to step in closer Why wouldn't you know that my rib caged heart has flewn into your's Let's play piquet, by sharing our happiness  Let our love emulate as a cirrus, precipitating snowflakes   No more acrid storm and acid rain in our flower  My life signifies nothing but you,  Let us jump and witness together our wrinkling face  With our unwrinkled heart forever  Which we anointed the sweet smell of lillies of the field. 

I m writing this…

Birth Of Love Uber


I flew to and fro in wanderance of nobility of soul Got a sight over pattern of green garden with blue drops of sea by earth's magnetic field  Red giant sun's beam fused in every creature emitted natural colors  All earthlings stood up with their robustness  Beckoned me to reproduce their next bloom  Before reaching their doom I spreaded my happiness and joyous through my waggle dance I shattered into pieces, scattered through serene hustle of wind Pollinated in every beautiful species as sweet as nectar My scent appealed every soul to lead an expanse of clear sky. Hurray!  Love is born to the world to embrace oneself to reach my paradise.  No I m not an UFO, I m an ILU  Identified Love Uber Just a wake up feel, I rush out to spread my scent of LOVE words

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Wordy Wednesdays Word Prompt

  This Week: Word Prompts                  Educate                  Ethereal                  Epiphany                  Extraordinary One morning the Queen of colony peeped out to feel the warmth of orange beam, but she smelt the ethereal along with danger towards their anthill.A male ant ran to the queen and said, "I have an idea your majesty -"In order to stop our colony from being wiped out we have to make life rafts".Then, he educated them with his saucy tackle to trail pheromones to communicate with their colony and save their lives. They all clipped themselves together and formed a raft and safely flowed through the jungle.The tiny head lacking in size yet equipped with extraordinary brain to explore and overcome the obstacles became a hero. The Queen appreciated and fell in love for smarty epiphany works of the male ant.

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Click And Blog A Story Quote


Stress is an evil king which pushes and pumps a war between our emotions take your weapon of inhaling calmness and exhaling wilderness slowly and deeply. Which gives you a toasty feel.Don't show your weakness to the evil king stress, just give a hard kangaroo kick with your smell of possibility and confidence to rule your dynasty of life.  I m writing this post to #ClickAndBlogAStory5 for the prompt Stress.  Linking with @dewcool, @slimexpectations, @varmila