Extract the water from those who are not fear of me. Grill,toast,bake them switching with high temperature. Shoot out my belt of rays blending up with UV radiation. Let me vape all their energy with single instance of smoking their powers. Dusting pricky, itchy powders on your back is never gonna rid of my heat. Wake up to exert before I start my vaping up your filled bottles. Wear cotton dress avoiding black color, drink plenty of water, consume lot of fruit juices and coconut water, take bath twice a day, avoid eating meats and junk foods, apply sun screen lotion before moving out, never switch on AC as soon as getting inside the parked car, take water while traveling in thermo flasks but never in plastic bottles.
Follow these steps to lead a happy summer. 

From your hottest 


  1. Reminded me of the day when it was 48 degree Celsius few months back. Thankfully we are moving into winter.


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