Illustrating and doodling in your note widens your world. Art is a beauty that you could paint all over your scars to create something magnificent from the broken bubbles. Creativity pours out through her way of living with a big shout with her colors. An artist who has got razor sharp paintbrush with canvas wrist to articulate her message through masterpieces. My interview with Shweta Ramchandran an Illustrator and a finance professional. Read and appreciate her works.

Tell us more about you? 

Hi I'm Shweta Ramachandran. I'm basically a finance professional and a Digital Artist. I did my schooling in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and came to Chennai to pursue my CA. I grew to fall in love with this beautiful quirky city and decided to settle down here. So I landed a Finance job here, but my heart has always been in Art, so I've been exploring it along the way.

Can you briefly explain your creative process and mediums you use?

I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting illustration styles, and trends. When I see something I like, I try to reverse engineer it, I experiment with it and try to bring my twist to it.Right now I'm experimenting with Kawaii illustration styles combined with Indian themes. Even though Kawaii is a famous world-wide trend, it has not been explored much in India, so I'm drawn to it.

About your family and friends?

Family is everything to me.Without the support of my family and friends, I wouldn't be able to do even half of what I am doing now. Working in two contrasting fields has it's set of challenges, and I could only battle them with their support and guidance.

How did you get started as an illustrator?

Even though I was always an Art enthusiast and curator, I hadn't thought of myself as an Art creator until I met my mentor SCD Balaji. I was on the lookout for good wedding card designs for my marriage and I came across an amazing collection of quirky Indian wedding invitations online. I loved how unique they were & contacted the designer SCD Balaji who is the creative head for Atma Studios,which is in Coimbatore. Seeing my interest in the field, he told me about the training & mentorship program 'Artprenuer'  conducted by him. I immediately jumped on the opportunity and started illustrating under his guidance & training ever since.

Tell us more about the name KIMOYA?

Kimoya is based on the sanskrit word Kimaya which means Divine. I feel that creativity is divinity in action, it is a divine gift to create something beautiful. I always like putting my twist on things, so I decided to name my brand Kimoya. Kimoya is a sanksrit word.

How do you handle both works with relaxing mind?

I view my art work as my relaxation from my other world. So even if I have to work long hours illustrating, it's enjoyable. But yes, even Art has deadlines and it can get stressful at times. But when you are doing what you love, and when you see the end result, you feel that the stress is worth it.I try to bring as much balance in my life, to have a relaxed, centered mind. I practice Rajyoga meditation taught by Brahmakumaris, and it really helps to slow down internally and concentrate, when the world around you is so fast-paced.

How did you find your style?

I dont think I have a trademark style yet, I'm still experimenting as I go along.

How do you come with creativity?

I feel everyone has infinite creativity,the only thing one needs to discover is the medium to express that creativity.Each one has their own medium and once you find it, keep exploring and allowing creativity to flow. Just allow all your good & bad ideas to shape and transform your creative persona.

Have you ever got creative blocks?

Yes definitely. I found that in such situations, the more you try to unblock yourself, the more blocked you get. So just distract yourself with something else, and allow it to happen on its own.Creative process is more about allowing, rather than doing.

Any current/future projects or dreams you can share to the world?

A lot of things in the pipeline, will share it with the world once its ready to see the light of the day.

How much love for your stationery?

Stationery is the guilty pleasure of every artist! I could spend hours at stationary shops, I love boutique paper & stationery.

5 things inspiring you to work hard?

Well, its mostly that I want to add value to the world around me.
I want to make my mark in the creative world.
Also, I want to make my family proud.
I want to build a career that is also my passion.
I want to reach my fullest potential.

3 constants in your life?

The love & support of my family, especially my husband.
My love for my work.

What have you learnt from illustrating?

Illustrating is only starting trouble.Once I start with an idea, it grows organically on paper.

Share us your hobbies and other hidden talents?

I love Latin dancing and Eco-travelling.

What factors should illustrators keep in mind to improve their work?

Its very subjective, I'd say the output is best when one stays true to themselves, and their style.

Your drawings are fun and cool. Is that observations of spirituality or human life and experiences?

I'm a true Desi by heart,that's what shows in all my illustrations. I'm drawn to vivid colors since our Indian color palette is so diverse & vibrant. 

Do you remember your first drawing?

Haha yes, it was a birthday card for my mom, when I was in 1st Grade i  Doodled something and wrote a poem for her. She has still saved all my handmade cards for her. 

How long does it take to complete a drawing?

Very subjective, depends on each illustration.

What website you view everyday?

No particular sites as such, I explore many on the go.

Do you have any piece of words to leave for our readers?

Just be yourself, follow your passion, don't be afraid of hard work and success will follow.

Finally, how was my interview? 

Very well thought out questions, was great talking to you! :)

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Thank you Shweta Ramchandran for this colorful interview. 


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