We Thunder To Wonder

Born as a Woman we survived because of the fire inside us burned brighter than the fire around us.We women have to make "unusual"
efforts to succeed in every field.
The word "Unusual" means stress,
obstacles,pain But for male gender our "unusual"word means a luck,arrogance,adamant,inadequate which leads us to our success.A women always waters her own grass busily unmindful of other's greener.

Every year march 8 we celebrate International Women's Day.So many contests, and activities for women to switch on their light of talents to show up to the world with enthusiasm.Also offers,discounts,freebies on girl accessories just makes every women go crazy.

But I just wanna give my voice and express gratitude to the Differently Abled Women who faces their problem everyday in society.

Firstly we people have to stop staring and feeling sympathy towards them.
They need automated lifts wider
wheelchairs separate accessible toilets in public places. Even public transportation must be made comfortable for them. Let us raise our voice to initiate inclusive system that helps everybody. We general public has to be more sensitive and support them from their messy feelings.
Because we women's have infectious
zest,ambitions with overwhelming pride for our community as unique as fingerprint.
Let's raise our reaction to the situation literally which has the power to change the situation itself. Let us take special implementations to address differently abled womens hurdles in society.

Wishing all Wonder women A Happy Women's Day 👩

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  1. An excellent take and a very valid point of view that often gets unnoticed . Its tough being a woman and its nearly impossible to live a normal life if you are differently abled.

    I agree - both diversity and inclusivity are required across all walks of life . Workplace , policy , social sphere , public space.

    Thanks for linking your post to the #womenofblogging week .. am glad I got to read this point of view as well.

    1. Thank you chandni happy that you loved my point on differently abled women.My wishes for your link #Womenofblogging week.😊

  2. Working 24*7 full of love and caring gesture and strong enough to nail down any problems. Yes we are the woman of pride
    Thanks a lot for your continuous support in the linky.

    1. We are women let's awake the city which is pretending to be slept.Thank you for every week interesting prompts 😊

  3. Happy women's day - From Novemberschild aka Romilaa

    It is no surprise that being a woman means being the most powerful and responsible person in the world. The person whose words might speak of pain but at the same time is a source of empowerment for others. It means believing in oneself despite all the suffering to eventually rise from the ashes like a phoenix. Yes, being a woman means being fierce and taking the world by storm.

    1. Thank you romila ma'am. Wishing you a Happy Women's day.Thanks for your words.😊

  4. So very true! We have to raise our voices for equal opportunities for the differently abled.

    1. Yes,neha let's raise our voice.
      Wishing you a happy women's day☺

  5. very nice post and congrats on winning the blogger of the month.. :)

    1. Thank you Zainab 😊 Thanks for every week prompt loving it


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