Clean Air Beautiful Homes

Haphazard cellar spiders are you decorating your home, with those dusty strands in my wall corners. Look what I have got, Royale Atmos paint which purifies the air I breathe and also, purifies your soul to reach heaven. Read out this Spidey before bidding a good bye to this world.

We have become a plastic world where everything is fake,from the foods we eat to how we look — when will we awake? 

Our body is a zoo of microbes. We have got oxygen cans in sale to breathe fresh air. Seriously, we all should be worried about the pollution in our paradise home.
I am not 5th grader, who is chanting slogans to save this planet, I'm not an environmentalist, or the leader of some 'SAVE MOTHER EARTH' club. Just a human who is trying to make your's and my home a better place. As our generation uses up our resources and places our children's future on a shelf. What will the legacy be when we are gone, what kind of world will we leave for the future generations. Pollution of air is so dense that even weeds are ashamed. While halls run away from my memories, the door grows larger as monsters encompassing the walls,door handle is too heavy to turn,I could hear thunderous applause by germs and microbes and home turning down into deathly black. Want to wash my wall filled with the stink. Drain it all down into the gutter, let the stink sit there. So I took a shower, while I stare at the white cartridges of paint, and a conflict brewing.

Let's paint our walls with a thousand fires inside. As you get to paint it,How you really want to. Aggressively painting canvases. Go paint goodness together with Asian Paints Royale Atmos. 

If you're home is where you're heart is.
Then your choice would be 

My tips and tricks to ensure clean air inside our beautiful homes:

  1. Plant green to groom your room.
  2. Buy cowdung online, mix it with water and sprinkle around your home to get rid of microbes.
  3. Use cinnamon sticks and dry lavender bits to avoid foul smell.
  4. Allow your slippers or shoes outside.
  5. Wash your hands and feet as soon as you enter your home.
  6. Mop your home twice a week.
  7. Use Royale Atmos from Asian Paints and feel the magic. 


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