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Kanaga Amma walks with spatulas and brooms it's her strong weapons and a curse. Some believe that maids are poor and illiterate, lacks interest in learning, and not smart enough with grasping power. These opinions are not entirely correct, especially the outlook towards maids. Girls in rural areas are forced to work for wages or get married. Lack of awareness on the side of parents plays a game in her life. They believe girl's education is waste of time and money unlike the case of boys who are bound to bring prosperity to the family.  

Veena,daughter of Kanaga Amma little girl with bunch of talents and brave,studies in government Tamil medium school of class nine in my hometown. Her mother helps my mother in household chores. She cares me much with her unlimited love.Everyday after school Veena runs to my house to sign in a attendance with me. 

She fetches plastic bottles, cardboard during the weekend to earn some money of Rs.40 per kg. She writes her passion towards learning English language in English with lots of errors. She wants to become a orator by delivering  hard hitting topics like child labor,child marriage, brutality to rural women. Veena in turn also teaches younger children and encourages them to pursue education. Among the children she is a stunning role model who is fighting against all odds to leave behind her days of collecting thrashes. Yes,girls are constant in innovation and pushing bars higher. It's my purpose to inspire and help others in my life.
Let her march forward, to learn and build her vocabulary and fluency in English. As Malala,suggested the city's future depends on the education of youths.

I have suggested her Nihar Shanti Amla's Pathsala Funwalas toll free number 8055667788. The best and fun way to learn English easily with joy. I'm sure this medium is gonna serve her a ladder to reach every stair with passion and happiness.

Children like veena are rarely brought into limelight, and strives to highlight their talents. Thanks for Nihar Shanthi Amla Pathsala Funwala for initiating children and adults to learn English in better way in a jolly manner. I have done my part how about you? Hop in to help poor girls and boys around your society. Let's sculpt our future pillars by spreading awareness.

I'm blogging about Pathsala Funwala by Nihar Shanthi Amla Oil in association with Blogadda.

Toll free Number : 8055667788


  1. Kudos to help out somebody who truly deserves it. We all can make a small change with small steps.


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