If we were having Coffee

Winter has arrived in a dribbling fall of iciness. But my love for you is constant. I quench my taste buds with you. I call you as "The Love Slush".

They advised and hided you from me for falling in love with your dashing bubbling froths. I became psyche without you. I broke all vertical and horizontal hurdles on our way and teared away prescriptions to get closer with you. You're exotic and relishing. Can't you know how I route you even from far away distance? 

I urge to hold you around my cold palms. Do you remember how we both get together? You were mine, no escaping either way. We kissed each other your bitter sweetness and aroma stimulated me to sip every mouth that lingers progressively with a lavish finish.

 am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 


  1. Lovely quotes associated with coffee...And those are soo true


  2. Love the graphics you have put up here in the post. Did you make them yourself?

  3. I like the graphic. Coffee is indeed a liquid hug for our brain.

  4. Love the graphics. So true. Coffee is life. Bliss. Warmth. Hugs and much more.

    Congrats on finishing the fest. It was a fun ride with you all. :)

  5. Thank you sheethal. My wishes to you dear.

  6. Loved the write-up and i can so relate to this post such is my calling for coffee :)

    1. Thank you keerthi. Coffee unites bloggers.😊

  7. Haha... I know someone who is as madly and deeply in love with coffee as you are. Sharing this with her

  8. The love for coffee is eternal. Well penned :)