Feeling Proud to be an Indian

Filling INDIAN in the column of Nationality in every verification form erects my nerves, fastens my blood and brings goosebumps. I love my country.India is a land of temples. Our tradition and culture makes every citizen an ultimate wellbeing. Indians set an example to other countries showing powerful message of unity and respect to each other. Youngsters are ferocious and delightful in developing our country and evolution of our cultures. 

Two Best things I love in my land:


Men in olive green with courage, outstanding power, devotion towards their duty,unmindful of heat waves,
cold winds makes my head bow to their feet. Many brave heroes sacrificed their lives for us. I have witnessed their wives and children situations, which cannot be explained through words. At least, let's take a moment and remember those gallant hearts towards our country's tranquility.


India has got dynamic women in every nook and corner of the city.
Their passion for work, fearless ideas and solutions, generating power to start ups, run successful ventures, holds her family as stigma holds the petals united,with fragrance of happiness and never forgets to bloom everyday in her own garden. 

Women who are freemales and single has got determination to face life's challenges. Majority of Indian women still struggle in the hands of their husbands and in laws. On the other side harassments and violence against her happens.It is not just a piece of information to make us worry of their living; it's a lesson and motivation to celebrate women for their unflappable spirit. 

Physically you could try to push her down but mentally she is a warrior to arise and survives her dreams. 

My triumphant salute to all Indian Women. 

Our country runs with wheels of Military heroes and Wonder women to reach the state of Developed country. 

Happy Independence Day!! 

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  1. Indian army and Indian women, both make India strong!Echo your thoughts!

    1. Thank you Sara. Happy Independence day 😊

  2. No words are enough to describe our Indian army. Their bravery and sacrifice is well appreciated. And when it comes to Indian women, they have the guts to manage both family and career with a smile on their lips.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice post :)

  3. These are pillars of India. I have seen the our Army Men struggling so many conditions with love for their country burning 24 X 7. I salute them


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