A Letter to Pesticide Distributors and professional Pesticide Users

Dear Pesters,
                   Hope you are healthy. This letter is my friendly and pleasant request of voice on behalf of humankind. We intake your laborious reproduction of fruits and veggies. As the toad engulfs nestling birds those chemicals swallow up our toddlers and young growing up children health. Every time I step into supermarkets fluster flatters me inside with a dilemma of "Organic or Non Organic" Today, my head turns over to see lots of packets labelled as organic products for consumers but I doubt myself asking am I going to trap in a tight corner. We are born to run,fall,sweat,shed blood, fail, not to fill our pocket with money but to install our tummy with salubrious food. Let's make India green peace nation with health and prosperity.

I hope you lend your ears to our cry.
Let's bring back our nation's backbone with upright of our pest free farmers and vendors.

                                 Yours Organically,

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 


  1. Gr8 this letter is the need of the hour , hope they listen to it

  2. I wish they could really read this.

  3. Need of the hour! Thanks for sharing this post. This needs to be heard by everyone.

  4. This is what is really needed today. With so many chemcals leaching into our soil and water as it is courtesy our waste disposal systems - on top of it, the pesticides sprayed to keep the pest fresh or to make it grow faster - all of this is eventually killing us!!

  5. well written and to the point. In current scenario, we are helpless consumers. Even organic is not organic since the entire food chain and water source is contaminated. There are no reliable agencies to authenticate the organic label. I hope that human race realizes that we are poisoning our lives with these chemicals!


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