The Three Flowers --- EBook Review

The three flowers ebook holds unique inverse of micro poems in each alphabets of AtoZ. Micropoet Romila @novemberschild has rolled down her pen with words and voices to our emotion through her verses to express our troubles and happiness. Everyone has a way of expressing but she has swayed in her own style. Title The Three Flowers has really inclined readers by blooming out Happy, Embrace, Fascination flowers pouring out aromatic oils to give a therapeutic power of  enjoying micropoems through her fragrance of  ideas and creativity. I strongly recommend you readers to read out those micropoems to fall in love with her and book.

Romila the female monarch butterfly blogger has really inspired me by dragging me into the world of blog. She is one among the stars whom I look up to admire and aspire. Her passion and love towards writing made me feel WoWattaGirl? I wish her to keep inspiring a lot more budding bloggers with her consistent writing. Let her radiation glow in your social web pages.
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Happy Reading!
Forever my love and wishes to ROMILA


  1. Very nicely articulated and very true as well. I've read the book and your words resonate the same. Do visit my blg in the review section to read my thoughts.


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