Soul into Halves


Cut my soul vertically into two halves
                     Black and White
                       Good and Bad
                     Sweet and Bitter
                     Salt and Sugar
            Herbivore and Carnivore
              Boisterous and Tranquil
                    Lemon and Orange
          Two souls have got their own
      Emotions, warmth, vivacity, spirit
         Partial facade soul whispered 
        We are not here to learn,we are                  here to remember all that we                once knew before we arrived.
     My negative soul basked under                  the heat of blood to compete                     with sucking leeches around.
     My positive soul swims under                    roots of veins to bloom out
   Florals firmly to symbolize my                purity,beauty,majesty and grace.
Both are released from the univorous to reach the hypaethral with license.


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