BARATHON -- Life Of Pie

    Life can be of many segments in a                                    circle
       Segments are segregated either                         with knife or bare hands 
      Knives slices off the shadow which                                 follows you
       Left Hands gentles to hide from                                       right hand
  Sitting in a park under a canopy love
  To fill my mouth and tummy with                                       pie 
   Life disguise himself into crow,sits                               beside me 
  We debate but never quarrel for pie
  Discuss story from all angles before                            arriving at the end.
  With a huge burp he circles above                              my decayed body 
   I'm here longing for cherry pie .

I'm writing for BARATHON day2 prompt Life Of Pie for @blogarhythm1 
Blogging race to enhance your writing and reading path.


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