He worked for years in an 
organization. Everyday work
becomes chaotic to handle. Every action in his life was viewed biased filter. He over analyses and even more maddened himself thinking about breaking up or leaving a
job. Brain has become a Binge thinker 24*7 . Such emotional oversensitivity turns him down to Negative thoughts as poisonous mushrooms with polka dots of  fear and weak. 

His HEART doesn't allow him to be dormant as love,fame,name,
commitments are surrounded as rib cage.

Myriads of solutions are available to overcome for binge thinkers and drinkers. Meditation and silence calms down our crucial fight inside our neurons. Idea of meeting health professional can be scary and embarrassing, but admit to them because they are never going to judge us. Have a support in your life whom we can trust and confide our problems with them. More importantly share with your parents no one can support better than them.

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