A drop of water from high above the sky was born,falling on the huge lap of mother sea. It rippled himself asking Is this called water world? But My care taker cloud whispered me that my mother sea would prevent me from dangers and pollutions,but here it yucks my health. The drop skied towards the bank of water to watch out strong smelling sordid produced by superficial beings.
Slowly mother sea gave a salty touch to the drop saying - Dear baby drop let me splash you with my painful stories.

Water Water Water without us human cannot live inside his mother's womb

He breathes his first air with bubbles                        along with us

Germinates up to waste his first bubble air of waters by daily household chores.

Throws wastes,dumps plastics,burns dead body,fills up with industrial wastes,leaks oil.

My marine life animals stay under my coverage believing that I'll never harm them

Enough is enough no more bare with such species

Now you could figure out nature change where they face lots of problems in name of drought,famine,water borne diseases and more.

My only message to those people are never waste us, your birth and death is incomplete without us.

Even your body is filled up with our relations blood with high density of water without which you are humus to the soil.

Save us Respect us

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