The Festival which makes me exquisite

A festival is a traditional celebration where we get chance to meet our friends and families Festive mode always keeps our tummy to enjoy yummy foods. Our hands itches to receive gifts from friends and cashes from our elders. Ears longs to receive phone calls from friends and family from distant lands. Heart becomes warm from the blessings and togetherness with our family and friends.

Festival which brings me divine horripilation moment every year is PONGALA at Attukal Bhaghavathy Amman temple also known as Sabarimala of Women in thiruvananthapuram Kerala. This year it falls on 11 march where pooram star coincides with full moon. PONGALA is a ritualistic offer to the goddess Bhaghavathy by boiling rice porridge,brown molasses, coconut gratings,nuts and raisin a sweet dish.
Every year lakhs of women participate to prepare PONGALA believing that goddess would fulfill their wishes and shower happiness to their families. This festival has got Guinness world record
for the participation of 1.5million women's. The day before PONGALA every women allots their place on road sides to prepare those rituals for the goddess. Line of women's lead to miles. Unmindful of hot sun they dedicate themselves to the goddess. At once when the priest fires up to prepare PONGALA at temple then everyone starts lit their brick stove to prepare the sweet PONGALA for goddess. At once when they completed they rush towards goddess to get blessings with their offerings. The festive season goes on for nine to ten days with various events. Women from all over the world comes here to watch out the purity and divinity the festival pours on lakhs of women for their trust and unity. This festival always stand unique and soulful to the world.


  1. This festival commemorates the victory of Good over Evil, by the slaying of Pandyan King. Throughout the festival an atmosphere of celebration and festivity prevails and there are the solemn observances such as regular conduct of Bhajans, musical concerts, ballets depicting folk and temple arts etc. in the temple premises. This is symbolic of the philosophy that human and divine affairs are inter-woven so minutely in all its disquisitions. Processions of colourful floats of the deity from all around, carried with pomp and devotion by the devotees congregating in the temple premises provides a pleasing experience.

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