5Quirky things I ensue

I'm happy to share my 5 Quirks that has enchanted me for years.

*I enclose myself with pillows during my sleep at night. Every pillow around me are pills that cares and hugs me to fall into a mezzo sleep 😴

*When pimples pins my face,I start my kitchen laboratory to discover some new natural reactions to test on it.

*I have a basophobia(falling in dreams) I fall,fly,jump over skyscrapers and suddenly I feel someone is pulling up my leg,immediately I wake up from my bed looking at the watch and back to normal dreams.

*My olfactory organ loves to smell camphors,paints,fuels,fresh and hot newspapers, books,question papers.
Sometimes I would control myself in public wearing invisible mask to my nose.

*I love to talk myself when no one is around me,it just dispatches my inner stress and reincarnates me into new avatar.


  1. The smell of books I love too .I used to have flying dreams.Your quirks are very unique .Thank you for writing about your quirks with #ThankfulThursdays


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