When a person allows himself to think a lot he feels everything around him as chaotic and meaningless.I order my brain to stop thinking for a second or minutes,but that's impossible for me. Whenever I feel down,I share my pain and loss by gazing bright and beautiful moon.It never try to rip off anyone.It never harms or shoves away clouds on it's way. It never needs a name,fame and money. Everytime I get insulted or belittle the moon sits passively and watches me.Such times,my darkest corner of my brain,oozes outs it's wail through every path of veins to reach my red heart.Only blackness and fury overflows through my lips.Arrogance and madness hits every wall of my skin. When my mind is flooded about thinking my present, future, past, good and bad evils. I think twice before I react to it looking at graceful moon through my window. 
What was I thinking ? ? . 

I m writing this prompt for #BlogChatter on What was I thinking ? 


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