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Open 24 Hours

            Belly yells to churn acid         I flushed out her bland lunch in                          western style         As snakes fight for their prey        My intestines are twinned up                     Hunger alarms        I stepped into the real paradise   To water and to get fresh aroma for my taste buds      My eyes rolled as a kathak dancer               To find pieces and parts           Fingers shoveled a handful           Biriyani opened for 24 hours            Its already 12am midnight              Soul feels to rest in peace 

Unicorn confidence

She sallied  On her unicorn into a furious gallop Sky shielded her  from the bright sun Then came moon to shadow her bald head with pony tail. Deep dark spirit gave her real beauty.

Spiral life

One small step by Neil Armstrong,            Stampedes in discothèque,                 Kickass goal in FIFA            St(airs) about my lost legs             Prosthesis leads my path           Naked foots are unfortunate                       To sense ascending and                              descending of spiral life                          

Do(wry) hands

           We injected blood and sweat
                Into our bones to ashes
      To lay a strong foundation of bond
          Swap sandstorm yellow rings
        Last dowry from our wry hands
               to our beautiful sunshine.

Bubbled blue shoes

     She stepped out of her blue shoes,
     Thousands of salty bubbles kissed
                         the toe cap,
                    Blue sky reflected 
         Blue water welled up her eyes
             Time punished to carry a 
                  womb without him.


             One sacred clothes line 
             Battered in all weather 
           Forgotten in between rains
             Dripping from every end
       Pinched firmly with clothespins
    That each other touch their fabrics,
             Hanging like a cliffhanger

Just thank god for giving us clothes as they hide our deepest secrets in the whole world.

I snored, you cared papa.

Dear Daddy,
Why do you have to leave me when I was so young?
I need you always here by my side
You are so selfish for leaving me,
Thoughts and memories isn't enough dad
I don't even have a clue that life is too tough

You scream through the house and kicked up hurdles as an ostrich,
Your kisses and  unbearable love,
Your thankfulness to God for the food,
Daddy can't make up for those moments we spent stealing pickles at the store. 
I don't mean to make then sound so low but,
There's no way without speaking these true words.

You were the scruffy plumber 
I'm still missing the man I used to call Daddy
Now I'm pampering my soul wishing all the times back
The times that I had a father who taught me how to conquer life.
Now I realized
That My Hero
Is gone