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Clean Air Beautiful Homes

Haphazard cellar spiders are you decorating your home, with those dusty strands in my wall corners. Look what I have got, Royale Atmos paint which purifies the air I breathe and also, purifies your soul to reach heaven. Read out this Spidey before bidding a good bye to this world.

We have become a plastic world where everything is fake,from the foods we eat to how we look — when will we awake? 

Our body is a zoo of microbes. We have got oxygen cans in sale to breathe fresh air. Seriously, we all should be worried about the pollution in our paradise home. I am not 5th grader, who is chanting slogans to save this planet, I'm not an environmentalist, or the leader of some 'SAVE MOTHER EARTH' club. Just a human who is trying to make your's and my home a better place. As our generation uses up our resources and places our children's future on a shelf. What will the legacy be when we are gone, what kind of world will we leave for the future generations. Pollution of air is …

Life is a box of

My life is a box of firecrackers. I have got assortment of emotions through which I sparkle along with my dark shadow. I run and swirl as ground spinners all day until I'm knackered. I love to spread happiness as smoke bombs. I exert the strength higher and higher as a flower pots. My sorrows, snags are tied along with bottled rockets to pierce the dark sky with a sharp implement. My friends and family are encircled as 1000 wala garland to fulfill my box with extra flamboyants.
Each person who enters my life, gets a box. Some have their own ,
But most have to share. The people that touch my heart for just a moment,those people that change my life, the ones that are my true friends, have got a special bombardment to open those boxes. I love the boxes I have,I cherish each one.

I'll love them until my day of death.
On that day,
I'll revel in the memories as I watch them burn,
While I float up to heaven.

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My Way Of Being Healthy

I Inhale those fresh aroma of crispy dosas and fluffy idlis made of home batter. Preparing a batter at home is a good and perfect exercise. Personally, I believe it energizes my math power of  measuring correct ratios of  urad dals, rice ,salt and fenugreek to soak for hours to get absolute crunch and fluffiness. Also,I prefer cleaning and lifting stone works of wet grinders. 
Who says being healthy is difficult? ๐Ÿ˜‰
PYOJ ( Prepare your own Juices)Fresh and Delicious orange juice that hits my taste buds to bloom.I never buy tetra pack fruit juices or canned drinks to refresh my body. I activate myself,when I come to health issue and that's why I prepare orange juice with help of manual citrus squeezers instead of mixers or blenders. Best bicep workout for all health monsters.Who says being healthy is difficult? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Monosodium Glutamate are ultimate soulmates for street foods and restaurants to enhance the flavors. Even some home kitchens has got MSG in their stores. To enhance flavors …


Not Only a Pregnancy,Even a Caring Heart Defines a Mother
Vicks #TouchOfCare:
This ad is based on a true story. This ad has really given a powerful shot to my heart with strong bullets of messages about the bond between a mother and a daughter.
The Video starts with an alluring voice of the women narrator who has added more emotions to the advertisement.
A young girl traveling along with her adopted mother recalls her past life. The ad vibes us with twist showing a transgender mother providing all comfort  the girl aches for and leaves her in hostel to become her dream profession as a Doctor,but the girl immolates her mother's dream and decides to become a lawyer,to burn away the laws and bring equal rights for transgender in society.Not an usual love coverage of mother and daughter, it's beyond the moon and stars unity.
I loved so much about the adoption and the trans woman turning out be a super mom. The brand VICKS has brought out a super ad about the real shero Gauri Sawant and…

One Small Step Can Cancel Cancer

We are born with empty hands and gonna die with the same empty hands. Ask yourself in between those biggest stage of your life How am I gonna make use of my hands?Ah! the power of mind controls it either to give away or to take away. We have a lifetime of earning and enjoying on so many stages and there is only one more.That's HELPING. No matter how much you earn, you have been shedding your tears and sweat to reach your position. You know the outcome you want. You know that you have successfully accomplished whatever you truly wanted in the past and this is no different. 

You can choose to think about what next step you need to take in order to move forward in your moment of life. We all need happiness in a copious quantity. Here is an opportunity to get your happiness in bags and stacks. Which remains very close to your collar to pull up with pride. Girls you can roll up your sleeves with pride. 

Just take a step forward with macropterous heart to build fund for 1000 children figh…

Warrior FireWomen

Fire on the mountain run,run,run

Everyone ran back yelling out in fear but she took altitude level of strength and lioness stamina to save lives inside the blazing heat. I'm feeling happy and proud to write about the shero PRIYA RAVICHANDRAN ,a woman firefighter from Tamilnadu. 

Many myths persist about a woman's physical strength to perform such kind of works. The reality is however is that most men can't do it either. Here lot of women have got their courageous shoes on to risk their life knowing that they are gonna miss and spend time away from friends and family. Possessing each day with mental character to wake up knowing that you have to risk your life. This job is selfless, with great skill and incredible sheroism. 

I would like to give a huge shout out and warm hug to PRIYA RAVICHANDRAN for marking her name in male dominated board and for kicking out those stereotype. She has made women proud becoming the first fire fighter in Tamilnadu.

PRIYA completed her bachelor…

Life by the Window Seat

A seat by a window with winged heart,
The sun bleeding across the clouds,
Every ray penetrates to spread smile,
Above thousand miles neon red and blue colors,
Dark clouds bursting purity by coughing into my glass panes,
Hands outside to catch those needle drops,
My nose pressed to the glass
Eyelashes widened to take a perfect picture,
Legs crossed,books on my bubbly thigh,
Ears corked with music and lyrics,
Hair tangles each other to rush behind my ear,
Face aces to bring out new selfie expressions,
Absorbing and watching the people go by
Brings a party dance through my journey with warm&cool blow of air,
Just a seat with window,music&
My breath of serenity.
A seat by a window
So I can see beyond what I know
So I can grasp hope
So I can chance to witness something

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My Love to Almighty Bees๐Ÿ’š

One evening being in a bad,very bad mood,
Wishing to hate my life as human being,
That sweet and Oh! so delicate creature,
Flew through my left side buzzing that                                green being,
Swirling around bloomed petals,
Rests on tiny pollens to straw sweetness,
It's tranquility upon leaves, stems
                              and buds,
Has stung my heart with it's innocence,
Hairy body,attentive eyes, humming wings, connecting love antennas,
So so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz around my garden,
All power to the small brown yellow striped  creature,
Huge respect to it's undeniable right to fly over this earth in peace and joy
as any of us could,
Even so arrogant two legged blundering                     creatures can't,
I have seen god in the form of bees,
But not in form of homo sapiens,
Bees are art of beauty,
Their works are beyond magnificent,
Anchored my heart with love.

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