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Illustrating and doodling in your note widens your world. Art is a beauty that you could paint all over your scars to create something magnificent from the broken bubbles. Creativity pours out through her way of living with a big shout with her colors. An artist who has got razor sharp paintbrush with canvas wrist to articulate her message through masterpieces. My interview with Shweta Ramchandran an Illustrator and a finance professional. Read and appreciate her works.

Tell us more about you? 

Hi I'm Shweta Ramachandran. I'm basically a finance professional and a Digital Artist. I did my schooling in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and came to Chennai to pursue my CA. I grew to fall in love with this beautiful quirky city and decided to settle down here. So I landed a Finance job here, but my heart has always been in Art, so I've been exploring it along the way.
Can you briefly explain your creative process and mediums you use?

I'm always on the lookout for new and…


A Converse with the Working Mother and a Food Blogger

Today,I have found a mother of six year old and a Java technical lead in a software company who cooks scrumptious food with mouth watering pictures through her lens. Maintaining perfect balance between coding and cooking is something she loves executing. Her feet has got skate rollers with unstoppable passion to learn new things outside her ambiance. Introducing Sowmya Suresh a food blogger from Chennai.

Share who you are sowmya? I am a working mom of a 6 yr old princess. I am working as a Technical lead and recently developed interest in social Media. I love sharing my interests like cooking,shopping,fashion,makeup.I write my recipes in my blog to share those yummy links with my friends.

Tell me about your strengths? I'm good at learning new things and I believe that's my strength. Even though some topic is not related to my career or passion,I just research and get updated.

How important is your family and friends? Friends and …

Bated Breath

Lonely Bird Without a Navigator

How many times?
Should my heart break into fragments,
Some days I feel,
Like I live too long with same dreams,
Watching sun rising and setting,
Recurrent tides roaring high and low,
This life,such an unplanned journey,
Don't know how far my shadow escorts me,
It feels like I'm back to my infancy days,
With my heavenly sleep on hold,
Waiting with bated breath,
To see how this story unfolds my journey,
Where my eyelashes never divorce each other,
Because this is all about One Single Life.


A Talk With Author Romila 

Welcome to my another session of interview #CharadeswithShraes.I think it's enlightening for readers to feel like they're part of this chat,reading others stories after all no two stories are same. 

This interview is to generate some thought,appreciation and discussion of this interesting person. Her character is designed to offer and inspire an opportunity to readers and writers with her words circling up to bring ripples around you.She is a surprising and satisfying blogger in content,quality,diversity and critical approaches.I'm happy to interview the versatile blogger and an author Romila Chitturi from the city of Pearls,Hyderabad.

1] Tell us more and new about you Romila?

I am a huge admirer of Apple products & TED sessions. I read poetry every day. I have a penchant for shoes, hair accessories and stationery. I make the world’s best tea & coffee – a compliment I often receive from guests or people who have had them. I have an untreatabl…