Blue Heaven "NILGIRIS"

Have you ever visited the "Blue mountain" in Tamilnadu. If not lemme give you an strong inclination to back pack your basics to head over "Nilgiris". Ooty the queen of hills or Nilgiris in Tamilnadu is the beatific place to be visited atleast once in our lifetime. Recently, I have been there and it was like ant in my pant.I jumped in joy to visualize god's single piece of paradise booned to us. Blue mountain gave a new blue blaze to inhale fresh nature. This destination was raring to go place in my bucket list. As every hill station has got, here also spices, tea,chocolates,nursery saplings, woollen stoles and sweaters are available in a great deal.

The roads in Ooty are covered either side with eucalyptus,pine trees,ferns, orchids,tea plantation, dandelions and other spice plants. Its the place of aromatic essential oil fragrances to give therapeutic spa experience.

Places to be visualized without negligence are divided into three packages:

Avalanche Tour package…

What's inside my bag?

What's inside my bag?
Moisturizer to moist my beautiful flower
Concealer, propagates the new me
Eyeliner, the black limit to slice off  your advantage 
Mascara, prevents from touching a single strand of my hair
Scented geranium body, to rise the horizon of flaming voice inside me
I dress, I walk on thistle pump to give a thump 
It's not about opulence, it's an opportunity to carry myself
Along with me 
Want to know
What's inside my bag?

Pictures are from Baggit leading Indian Bags and accessories designers and manufacturers. 

I dedicate this to every women who have encountered with #MeToo situation. 

I would also love to appreciate and admire the lady Nina Lekhi  behind Baggit for her ferocious brimming confidence to express her own shrewdness.

I have written this content on my own interest to appreciate the brand above.
This is not a paid content.

Real Labor Pain

She felt like a grounded feather
Bones melted to milk,to feed him
Lungs flapped as butterfly  
Eyes a pair of cocoon, to embrace him
Wrinkles straightened with his warmth
Her eyes drools on his features 
Tablets appeared to candies, 
He left her there 
She felt the real pain of labor and delivery.
                                                                    -Shraesta Suresh

Smartians have Smart Home

The word 'SMART' is the favorable word when I was a kid. "She is smart enough to handle this work. "Her looks are smart". These sentences made my times. Interestingly, we human beings are already  SMARTIANS. Our intention is to be smart in every tasks that we take in charge and so nothing wrong in preferring smart gadgets and to join hand with flipkart#SmartHomeRevolution

Smart portable room air purifier, Smart watches, Smart lights, Smart cameras, Smart mobiles,Smart tv, Smart door locks, Smart health band, Smart assistants, Smart ceiling fan, Smart A/C, Smart tracker, Smart V/R glasses who else can provide so many smart gadgets to your doorstep than our most trusted and assured Flipkart. So, come all you readers let's join with flipkart in campaigning #GetFitWithFlipkart to shape ourselves like Indian soldiers to fight back occurrences.

Smart Watches:

Watches are my favorite accessories to wear which makes me feel more punctual but with pendulum work tasks t…

Delicious Licious

It was a weekend. I stood from my bed with slothy eyes and walked towards the bathroom and started thinking what to cook today for three times. I flushed out my toxins and came out to relax myself in the couch. I took out my lifeline(mobile) and started to check out the notifications from instagram pages. Fortunately, one particular page navigated me to licious page. Their posts voraciously flooded my mouth. I immediately browsed into their official website, to my dreadful awe I loved their dedication and exclusive way of designing and presentation of website to fulfill the customers tummy with meat meal. You know what they have got?? Marinades, cold cuts, country chicken, meat mince, crabs,lobsters, spreads and pickles and lot more to bring twist of taste to our tongue.

To be honest I don't trust such online stores easily. So, I thought of ordering a seafood to check out their order taking process, offers and coupons, delivery time, tracking the order,delivery packaging and finall…

Find who am I #WOW prompt

Its night The moon is buzzed with stars, While I’m buzzed with females Sucking. Let’s keep noise every day in everything we do It fights to bite my petal skin to imbibe nectar Mood for the mosquitoes Mood for Wimbledon One giant leap for womankind I lift my weapon to give a exquisite shot I took a backhand drop shot like the crowned  Angelique kerber As mustards pops out in tempering She burns in high voltage with metallic scent You know  “God is a woman” When she gets her rackets on hand.
Who am I? Name me if you can?

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You have got wings

I suck under every gracious floral  
I imbibe long chain of dripping red honey
White petal turns RED
My wings are always open for you Girl
Feel comfort and sky high with ankle booties
Let the era talk about our post war PERIOD.
                                                         With forever love, Sanitary Napkins