One too Many

She no longer, loves me
Asked my heart to brain and so brain asked to my heart,
I laughed, as she proposed me and now she rejects me
I could hear her tingling sound of anklets,
I could visualize her venomous smile,
Will she feel the pain of my heart?
Will she know that my tummy butterflies are puking lava flames like dragons?  
One too many
I’m arrested on sides of pouring glasses
Smelling aromatics from the bitter bottles
One too many
Liquids are more viscous,
Glasses are prone to spilling,
One too many
Hey, wait a second did you think I’m in a bar getting alcoholic addicted to her love
If you think so, shoot your brain to reach the seventh hell,
I’m not even gonna give my shit for her love
I’m here at my paradise with my own angel,
Measuring her wrist size to cuff her hand with diamond bangle,
One too many cups of steaming
Citrus and mint garnished Rasam prepared by mom,
Her warmth of hugs and kisses boozes me to slurp her cocktail Rasams,
The only neutral spirit for my anger hunger,
One woman in my life
Not too many.


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