As usual leaves have pointy edges,
As usual dark sky have twinkling moles,
As usual moon have black scars,
As usual evening traffic beats my ear drums,
As usual clock ticks between those same 12 numbers,
As usual literates litters the campus,
As usual she bleeds between her thighs,
As usual junk food craves a graveyard to lay us down,
As usual seas are salty with plastic bed,
As usual dreams are bigger to dig out treasures,
As usual poor is poor, rich is richer,
As usual money makes a man jaw drop,
As usual corruption ruptures a backbone,
As usual snake holds venom to inject its prey,
As usual mobiles paramount our hand,
As usual manual scavengers collects discarded items and end,

When all things are in holding pattern, why my life changes,advances and develops in every stage with security breach,
When all things are as usual,why my life contains both favorable and negative elements?
When everything is as usual,why my life is still in pattern something after something?

I'm writing my voice for WriteTribe
ProBlogger Challenge  October 2017.


  1. awesome post !
    Loved the lines !
    As usual manual scavengers collects discarded items and end,

  2. Its interesting to read different takes of writers on this one word "pattern". "As usual" is what makes our life easy and predictable but since our brains are wired in such a manner that we always look for something unknown and try to get unstuck...

  3. As usual we have to train our minds that happiness is perception and change is inevitable.

  4. Loved the lines. So there is a pattern in everything but at times we don't see any in ours .. Awesome post

  5. life is made of patterns and loved the way you have expressed it

  6. Unique take on the prompt. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

  7. I think I have the answer... The pattern is in the change...
    Love your take on the prompt.

  8. Such an interesting take on the prompt. And sometimes even I wonder - why things aren't so predictable. :)


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