Dear Hyacinth,

You and me replicated a glass of love. Those glasses have shattered into pieces,tearing out my skin in deep to see the true color of blood. I know, no more Black Velvet can be poured to fill our scission. 

I'm happy that you found the best kind of guy. He will make you fall in love with him every nanoseconds of your life. He catches your breathe in canister and opens out in his rose garden. He unknots your hair to forecast dark cascades are better than milk white. I swear he makes your belly ache with his witty jokes and expressions. He holds your hand fiercely, which sounds scary but only people who double knot their shoelaces know. He solves your puzzle unmindful of jig jaw problems,with ladders to defeat snakes around you. He vows to quit nicotine blackening his lungs,but the truth behind is,he never wants your kohl-ed eyes to shed tears to blacken your beauty. Sometimes he goes mad, just pull him down and crack out your dumbest jokes and whisper "I LOVE YOU" because that is his favorite music than ARR's. I'm sure if you are sick he gives you a XXXL T-shirt to wear along with him to feel his warmth and beats. And if you ever go to a horror movie like we did on our first date, he'll be brave and garlands his arm around you until the movie ends up with terrific beginning of part two.

All these things you know well about him, and I will never forget my best friend. He will always be the best love of your life. Losing him is the most hardest part of my life. One day his temper will cool to reach me. I wasn't the one for both of you I guess. Let your love bloom with roots all over my spirit.

Least and Worst Love.

I'm writing my voice for Write tribe
ProBlogger Challenge 
October 2017.


  1. Nostalgia can be a dirty liar indeed .. a lot of times when a moment is passed we find more joy and beauty in it than it actually possessed so that we can stay in it longer.. but we need to move on .. after all life is whats waiting to happen to you if you look right ahead and not behind :)

  2. Very very strong words....I hope I'm interpreting this right, but it seems that the letter is written by a generous soul.


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