A Converse with the Working Mother and a Food Blogger

Today,I have found a mother of six year old and a Java technical lead in a software company who cooks scrumptious food with mouth watering pictures through her lens. Maintaining perfect balance between coding and cooking is something she loves executing. Her feet has got skate rollers with unstoppable passion to learn new things outside her ambiance. Introducing Sowmya Suresh a food blogger from Chennai.

Share who you are sowmya?
I am a working mom of a 6 yr old princess. I am working as a Technical lead and recently developed interest in social Media. I love sharing my interests like cooking,shopping,fashion,makeup.I write my recipes in my blog to share those yummy links with my friends.

Tell me about your strengths?
I'm good at learning new things and I believe that's my strength. Even though some topic is not related to my career or passion,I just research and get updated.

How important is your family and friends?
Friends and Family are important for everyone and I am no exception. My family is very protective of me and I'm very protective of my friends.Since I live with my family, I make sure to meet my close friends when they visit Chennai.

How was your school and college days?
I did not take my studies seriously when I was in school. Yet I stood 1st in my 12th Exams.(Only God knows how).
In college I was an average student. As every engineering graduate, we were a gang sulking about college rules and trying to live our life. Studied in groups and managed to score first class with distinction. College is where I got friends. They stood by me during my tough times and still with me.

How do you handle your pressure and long work hours?
My team and my family helps me a lot during tough times and long hours. When I'm stressed I explore a new dish and cooks it very next day. Cooking is my stress buster. My husband takes care of our princess, when I have a long late day at office.

What inspired you to start a blog for your cooking?
Writing a blog was more of a necessity for me. I had to write the recipes or else I forget it. Also when I post a food in Instagram, I keep getting requests of the recipe. So thought to blog and share them the link.

What is your opinion over organic food tags around markets?
It's a good sign that people started taking healthy foods. But it's sad that we need to spend hell of money to eat those chemical free foods. I wish there should be more authentic organic products to buy with affordable price.

Photos of recipes is very important in a food blog. What gadget you use and how creative you snap those?

I use iPhone and basic editing software for my photos. I prefer taking photos during day with natural light. Recently I am following a pattern to post pictures. Hopefully,it made my profile look good.

Which method of cooking is your all-time favorite?
OPOS and Stir fry are all-time favorite way of cooking and they're very easy and convenient.
For working people, it's almost every day that we have very restricted time to cook and have to eat healthy.
OPOS is One pot One shot. You dunk vegetables in the cooker and leave for few whistles and the Korma is done. I do Vegetable korma mostly this method.
Stir fry is the easiest and most familiar way of cooking. Chop the veggies or cut the meat. Fry them in a pan with some oil, sauces/masalas, salt and pepper. Stir fry goes well with chapattis/rotis , dosa.

Have you ever tried foreign cuisines? If yes what is it?
Me and my husband love trying new cuisines. We have tried Korean,Chinese,Burmese,Thai,Italian,Scottish,British,Czech,Lebanese. Of all the foreign cuisines we tried, we love Thai and that’s our go to food.

Tell me about your mother's cooking style?
My mom is the best cook I have ever known. She doesn’t know cooking when she got married. She learnt cooking from my granny who is a super cook as well. Unlike me, my mom is particular about the method of cooking. For her, e dhal or a simple rasam must be made in particular method. She is an expert in Non vegetarian and she ensures a feast when all of us gather.

How often your hubby helps you in cooking?

It is unimaginable for me to get ready every morning without his help. He cooks well especially, peanut chutney.

The dish which surprised your family and you?
We loved a chicken dish from a nearby takeaway. Whenever my hubby orders takeaway he prefers Bachelor's Chicken. So I decided to replicate it and came out really well. Also, I have posted in my blog.

The dish which you wanna give a try soon?
Me and my daughter loves cheesy creamy pasta. Fromage in chennai is the newly opened best place to have cheesy pasta. Soon to try.

The Dish which your kid loves all time?
Cheesy Creamy Pasta any time.

Your favorite other state/city cuisines?
I am a telugu, so I love AP and Telangana dishes. While in Keto I had to explore lot of Kerala dishes mostly made with coconuts or sea foods which are good for my diet. I love Kerala food as well.
One fruit and vegetable that you haven't tasted yet?
I haven’t tasted Brussels sprouts yet and I want to eat Fresh Blue berries as well.

Best places in Chennai to fill my tummy with hot biriyanis?
I am not a big fan of biryani. But according to me the best biryani would be from Junior Kupanna .Their Seeraga Samba rice biryani is the best.
If you are a fan of Hyderabadi Biryani, then Paradise biryani would satisfy your soul.

How important is street foods around Chennai?
There is no Chennai without street food. We avoid eating food from street stalls for our diet issues.But once in a while we enjoy the Mushroom masala. It's yum!!!

Share your motherhood and how keen you formulated diet to your kid?

Like every mother we need our children to be healthy and happy,which is a cliché according to my daughter. She will be happy with milkshakes,
icecreams,pasta.Our doctor had strictly advised her to eat healthy foods.So to make her happy I make ice-creams at home. I make Fruit shakes for breakfasts. I make sure she eats at least 5 to 7 eggs per week. Make her finish dinner by 7.30 pm. Water is really important for the kids. During weekends we bet each other on drinking water, the one who drinks more bottles during the entire day will get a treat.
Me and my husband never force her to take 1st in class or win a competition. We ensure that she participates in all activities. We want her to grow up as a good and kind human with positive attitude. Rest she will experience and learn.

How do you think that designing your sari and dress evolve you?
I am not a qualified designer. I have a vision to dress with flowing colors.My tailor brings them to life. When the Saree/dress suits or fits me, or when someone compliments me, my confidence grows with motivation to try new outfits.

According to you who is the best dresser you admire?
Actress Sneha and there are 2 people from whom I get most of the inspirations from, Tharani (Instagram : Teeclutter) and Vithya (Instagram : Vithyahairandmakeup)

The best place in Chennai for shopping attires?
It depends on the budget. Affordable range: Waves,Max,Trends are really good both in Western and Ethnic wear.
Higher range: Zara,H&M,Lifestyle and Fab India. I prefer to shop in these shops only during Sale.

How would you create a menu for both working women and college girls?
Breakfast is very important as it helps to kick start the day. Nowadays, we are too busy to eat breakfast.
For breakfast:
Eggs will be the best quick option.Boiled,Fried or omelette. If vegetarian, A peanut butter shake will keep you full. I always make a batch of glutten free protein powder and store it in fridge. Morning i will just blend the powder,almond milk,few dates,peanut butter.A banana shake is the simplest breakfast you can have. Blend in some bananas, peanut butter, Almond milk, Dates/Honey.
For lunch:

Stir fried Veggies are good enough. Quick tip: You can carry Veggies in the Big box and Rice in the small box. This will help you to take more fiber and minerals than carbs.
For dinner:

Panner/Tofu stir fry with a roti/dosa
chicken (Tandoori/Grilled/Stir fry) with a roti/dosa.
chapathi - Aviyal

Is it good to avoid fat for weight loss?
Definitely no. You need good fat to keep you running. Good fats include coconut oil,ghee,butter,Olive oil. Try replacing these with regular oils.

Can't a girl step out without make up? How important is it?
A girl should be happy for what she is and makeup is something that boosts up her confidence. I don’t makeup all time, I just do my eyebrows, apply lipstick and I'm ready to go out. Unlike makeup, skincare is really important. A massage with coconut oil during night is the simplest and easy thing a girl can do.I suggest women to invest in good skin care rather than makeup.

What will you cook for me for lunch?

You cannot expect a traditional dish from me. So
If Vegetarian, a thali with buckwheat-Beets roti, Paneer butter masala, buttered garlicy herb rice,Twin dhal, a salad and an oats phirni.
If Non Vegetarian, Roti, chicken Fry, Prawn masala, Fish fry, Salad, A lime-Mint cooler

Share your future plans/dream?
I believe in short term goals. Long term goals are not my kind. I get bored of working for them. Right now my goal is to become a Plixxo blogger for which I need to have 1000 followers. I am just working on giving creative content so that I get 1000 followers soon and apply in Plixxo.

What do you like to say to readers out there?
If you have a passion work towards them. At least when you get time or money just start to work. There is nothing wrong in trying. When a girl from a small village gets this much exposure, you too can. Remember "Age is just a number!!!" You're a true friend for yourself and trust yourself.

How was my interview?

Honestly, It's been long time I have spoken about my interests, my passion to others. This is a great feeling and motivates me too. Thanks for asking about my school and college days. It was an opportunity for me to think about those wonderful memories. I hope I inspire at least one person and help him/her come out of their shell.

Thank you Sowmya Suresh for this brilliant interview. Hope you readers enjoyed her journey.

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  1. Beautiful interview. I hope you make your Plixxo goal soon. I love waking up to the new dishes you ve cooked up on Instagram. Keep up the good work sowmya!! Lots of love!

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