My Love to Almighty Bees💚

One evening being in a bad,very bad mood,
Wishing to hate my life as human being,
That sweet and Oh! so delicate creature,
Flew through my left side buzzing that                                green being,
Swirling around bloomed petals,
Rests on tiny pollens to straw sweetness,
It's tranquility upon leaves, stems
                              and buds,
Has stung my heart with it's innocence,
Hairy body,attentive eyes, humming wings, connecting love antennas,
So so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz around my garden,
All power to the small brown yellow striped  creature,
Huge respect to it's undeniable right to fly over this earth in peace and joy
as any of us could,
Even so arrogant two legged blundering                     creatures can't,
I have seen god in the form of bees,
But not in form of homo sapiens,
Bees are art of beauty,
Their works are beyond magnificent,
Anchored my heart with love.

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  1. I never saw bees in this light.
    Well written. Poetic justice to the beautiful creatures.

  2. I'm actually scared of bees and even though I know they are essential for our food chain......I never thought them of being godlike

  3. awww.. that's really sweet of you. i mean how many of us notice these small and great creatures, except if it's for honey.

  4. A wonderful take. I know how much fear people have of bees but I also wonder if people know their significance. There are actual studies which show that if the bees were to die/become extinct life on the planet would quickly cease to exist - this relates directly to crop generation and their role in pollination.
    Bees are actually an essential part of our existence.

  5. What a lovely point of view! Bees have always fascinated me though I am quite scared of them :D

  6. ohh I am s#@@t scared of bees after being stung once and I had the oain of my lifetime within that time!

  7. Well written! I am scared of bees. but I love honey. :)


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