Resource I have Got


My teachers and professors are my resource who have loaded my gun with bullets to trigger out my knowledge and talents when the society works hard to pull me down.
They roasted me to bake into a fudgy choco cake to bring sweetness to my world. 

Strangers and offcomer have taught much in my life with their positive and negative racetracks. 

 "Whenever you lose, you run to win But Whenever you get ashamed, you run to achieve."
The world is filled with tiny tit bits through which we have to intake resources needed to grow up. 


Dictionary and Books gives me plenty of happiness and wealth to my heart and brain. They have supplied eagerness, creativity, love, competition,ideal. Especially Memoirs, deep pockets my mind with coruscating colors. Humor genre mitigates my cramps. Romance genre makes me engaged to excitement and mystery. 

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 

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