No Paan, No Jaan breathes UP

CM Yogi Adithyanath government pumps oxygen in heaven instead of hospitals. Loss of more than 60 children in BRD medical college hospital is shameful and outrageous.

Heard the reason they serve for loses of future pillars of this country, it's because hospital hadn't paid its dues to the supplier. UP health minister Siddharth Nath Singh has said"Disruption of oxygen supply in a hospital is a criminal offense and it's case of negligence if the disruption leads to death,Eating paan during working hours by a doctor is fatal to health care."

After every flaws we insert a new laws in our society. India faces such sadistic incidents every time but it never remains first nor will it be the last. 

Will government raise up to fix the health care system for poor people? Will humanity stay with hospitals and gas suppliers? Does suspension of principal and staffs bring back those tender lives back?Will media help viewers to know the reality around? Will the truth behind tragedy come out? What is the condition of parents who lost their children? Will the political parties stop debating,

bragging about their system of ruling of their past and present? Does all my questions receive a reply or it just remains a haunting question to Indians? I'm sure everyone is gonna forgot this incident until next incident jumps out to heartburn. 

Cries of those 60 Children echoes in                        four directions as rain 

We thunder, to secure our troubled                                   country,
We thunder, to do right inspite of                                    yesterday's wrong,
We thunder, to wake up and to be heard,
We thunder,to remain about your birth                     to protect and serve.
We thunder, to set aside our difference in a non partition way,
We thunder,to set aside politics and lend your ears for our personal feeling. 


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