Madurai City with Love Fragranceđź’•

Madurai city in Tamilnadu is beautiful and opulent sight to every visitors. People of Madurai showers love by lending hand to give assistance. The city is well known for Meenakshi Amman Temple, Thirumalai nayakkar mahal, kallazhar temple and many more sacred places. Madurai is prominently called as Thoonga nagaram, meaning the city which never sleeps on account of active night life. 

When we enter the city,the blissful aroma of jasmine flower gives us a pleasure and a treat to our eyes. Tamil language has got it's own style of pronunciation and slang. Entering  into rural area of Madurai we could witness men and women taking care of bulls as their own children. Bulls are tamed with love and pride to participate in jallikattu event. This event helps men to prove their macho and win their love interest.

Food lovers you have got many street food options. My connection with Madurai has always been with the city's rich culinary heritage. Here, you could find masalas still hand grounded and factory made masalas are prohibited. Just give a try and wake up your taste buds with these yummies KARI DOSAI, GOLA URANDAI, IDLI at murugan idli kadai, PARUTHI PAAL, MEEN KUZHAMBU,PAROTTA,JIGARTHANDA
IDIYAPPAM with coconut milk.

Sarees are another unique to Madurai city. Sungadi saris and handloom cotton saris are very popular.

Time had come to bid goodbye to this charming town of Madurai with swelling memoirs. To soak into the soul of this city, visit and have a fun ride.

Madurai my Soul City đź’ž
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  1. Yes. The food. I was in food heaven when I visited Madurai. the authentic dishes are too good.

  2. I have visited Madurai maybe once, but I still remember the temple and the surroundings. :-) It's a beautiful place. Soul city sounds nice too!


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