Ineffable Day of my life

Every month I climb 400 steps staircase that winds its way to Lord Venkateshwara temple as a meditative heal for me. When I was stepping up someone obviously didn't know a man with mushy white beard& long hair I encountered him on the trail during my visit. I just gave a sympathetic gaze on sweat drenched old man carrying a large bag on his back. I just paused under a fiery red leaves tree to catch my breath. Now,the old man gave back same sympathetic look over me and walked down towards me. I was densely marinated under fear. He took Rudraksh from his bag and handed over to me and said " Within two days you are gonna receive a good message ". He stepped down and moved. I turned around to see him but he vanished.I had a mixed feeling of fear and pleasure. That night I pestered my mother asking "Why me? What will happen? What's happening around me?".My mom just replied "Wait for two days.If you receive anything good I'll elaborate you." But somewhere, in my heart I had a belief with joy. That day, was born where my feet danced with rhythmic heart and pinched myself to believe the happiness of my life.

 I hugged my mom tightly and said, I know that old man was munivar or Rishi equable with divine superhuman which I eavesdropped while you and papa were talking momma 😜
That day and incident was ineffable experience in my life. 

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 


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