BARATHON-- War And Pieces

Sundays are best sundae to cool                                      myself
It begins at morning,covered up with                              suit of armors 
 Weapons are tempting to attack her
She stands tall on her Eiffel wedges
Staring with owl eyes,hair dyed in tar                                 coal 
On the other end my mother in-law
Drinks sip of copper water to chill              words to attack me
Spatulas, rolling pins,packets,veggies were launched from my canopies.
In return she threw tulsimala,
utensils, her husband's garments
Few minutes later,
Chanting AUM, we both sprinkled each other corn flour to end the war
                               in peace
 Both of us took a sound nap 
 Men of the house cooked and served                                 us with Rogan Josh 
Each plate was filled with chicken                                     leg piece
I laughed at my sweet mother in-law
Giggled each other,united with the                                  pieces.

I'm writing for BARATHON by @blogarhythm Day4 prompt War And Pieces.


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