BARATHON-- Lord Of The Files

Aunty in green whispered,it's him 
                   Look there 
He walked soggily in heat to drive,
Truck to carry goods, to fill up his 
Bag of tummy with money to live.
His hand always carries piles of files
Fortunately, without bloody piles in                                           bum
Everyone teased him for his poverty
Ambulance arrived at his home
Our people are well trained to watch and gossip about one's pain 
Aunty in green rushed into his home
Witnessed him as a corpse
He knows about his brain injury and criteria along with solution
Few organs are registered for                                         donation
Waited for any minute death, his                                   hand Carried files
He closed his eyes to open few eyes
His last breathe of oxygen gave life to                         others
Those teasing mouths, proudly named him "Lord Of The Files" 
To Inspire, To Pray,To Bow

I'm writing this for #BARATHON by @blogarhythm1 for the prompt "Lord Of The Files"


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