Witchknot with WonderMonger

Walked into a wynd with Wuthering of winds tearing out my ears. My hairs got witchknot,my fingers struggled to untangle it. A wonder monger along with his waldflute came closer to me and asked " Your wishes in life", I shall bring miracles in your life. I feebly asked him " Can you define What Is Life", I'm really worried about it. 

"Life is a question, no one can answer
Death is an answer,no one can question"

"Problems in Life are Stomach Belly
Half are running to slim 
Half are running to fill"

"Crore of dreams
Lakhs of preparation
Thousands of failure
Also then we lead the word 
" Belief called life"

"Death needs courage for a second
Life needs courage for every second"

The best dream I ever had in my life.


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