Is your closet filled with Glad Rags or normal  rags?

Glad rags are clothes used on special occasions.

Every women's closet is beautifully arranged with glad rags. She maintains every outfits with neat folds with a distinctive smell. But one unique expensive glad rag remains the best and fresh forever in her closet. It's her wedding saree or lehanga. Every Indian wedding glad rags somewhere in a corner of wardrobe aches to bind up with her floral body in memory of her vivacious and enthusiastic fragrance of her happiness she experienced to hold his hand forever. Every Indian bride experiences a mannequin challenge for hours. It's like a spool wounded up with silk thread with tonnes of accessories. Wedding Saree is no more a glad rag they are sad rags.

Girls are IceAge Scrats who fall in love for acorns. They are Scrat Acorn Love when comes to style and clothing.

Girls are non stop orators on glad rags like Sid in IceAge.


  1. Such a differenT take on wedding Saree. Glad rags indeed

  2. Actually you are so right about women being scrat acron lovers for their wedding lehangas - thats what it ends up being!!! :-)
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    G is for Grape Stomping in Bangalore #atozchallenge


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