Freemale means a woman who is happy to stay single and independent so that she can do what she wants, when she wants.

Females are furculars carrying three sharply pointed moralities in their life.

  •  Fights towards her passion.
  •  Perennial love and care to her family and the person she trusts.
  • To find her soulmate or friends to support her with fulcrums.

Benefits of being a FREEMALE
  • You can lead a jungle life instead leading a zoo life.
  • You can be a caterpillar turning out to a colorful butterfly instead of domesticated silkworm for silks.
  • You can be a coin instead of being a crushed or folded currency notes.
  • You can be a seashell instead of fish getting attracted to baits.
  • You can lead a rare life,instead of ubiquitous life.
  • You can be a powerful Nokia instead of Samsung.
  • You can be a mercury element instead of pure silver oxidized to black.
See the world upside down to fill things right side .    


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