EARWORM means 
"A tune that keeps itself repeating                           again and again."

My brain was twirled up with all key points and notes for my exam. I was handed over question paper from the teacher. As soon as I reached out to fill answers, someone has opened up my twirled brain. "Who the heck did that?" I shrilled inside,and slowly popped out my Earworm signalling that it was him who has deactivated my memorized answers. My eyes started to roll as a squint unable to fetch my answers. For god sake I pleaded will you have a nap under my bloomed jhumka till I complete my future predicating paper. I took some serious steps breathe in, breathe out to concentrate. As soon as I came out of the hall I couldn't find languish earworm that was disturbing during my exam. 

At night during my study time I heard a squeaky sound,it was him again. My anger temperature reached high to oxidise those earworms. I'm telling you these Earworms play a vital role in every students life.

But it's fun and magic to wonder how could our favorite song just starts to play itself during our serious jobs. 


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