Have you heard the word Doom-Monger?? What does that mean?             
"A person who predicts disaster"

In our lifetime we're awarded enough with more incidents to deal with one's own strength. We're stumped in life to face disasters. Have you ever predicated the problems before it reaches out you to shot down?? 

I m happy and quirk to say that Yes, I am a Doom Monger. Some of the symptoms thst occur before I get a shot with my disaster. 

  1. Whenever I laugh too much until my tummy delaminates.
  2. Cat crossing from my left to right side.
  3. Forgetting to receive deosculate from my mom.
  4. When my little toe finger get hurt by dashing with wooden material.
  5. When I forget to wear diamante ruby red ring.
  6. During my travel if I got a sight of butcher with his bloody knife.
Whenever the above following happens to me,I predicate something bad is gonna happen the next day or week.

Are you a Doom monger? If yes,then do share some of your symptoms with me.


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