Be my Koozie forever

Pearls are safeguarded by shells to value it's tear drop. Fruits carry seeds to flourish their future generations. Egg shell protects both yolk and albumen legally not allowing them to mingle. A book cover shields hundreds and thousands of pages from crashes to crushes. Sky has been cushioned with clouds to heal it's everyday exhaustion. 

Everyone has got something to defend their life, but I have got him.
He is the one who insulates me with his hairy arm like a Koozie on chill canned juices. His breathe and warmth turns me into cold blooded animal wandering for mild temperatures to sleep on his lap. As chameleon changes it's body color, I change for every feeling you pour on me. You and I never a Made for each other couple. But let's show the world by living our love life proving that we are Shade for each other to help and support till our last breathe.


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